BSO Exclusives: Rare Magazine Scans Batch #1

Whew! We have just added our first batch of forgotten and somewhat rare magazine scans! It’s taken me awhile to finally get them up, but a lot of these clips I’ve been collecting since I was 12, clippings and rare pin-ups from Bop, BB, Tiger Beat, etc. Some of these rare interviews are pretty funny and feature a lot of really cute quotes from the band. I also received tons of international clippings in the mail that we will be added in one of upcoming batches. It is taking me a long time to get these up, so if you post these elsewhere, please leave BSO’s credit in tact. Thank you, enjoy! And enjoy the trip down memory land — we did! The scans have been added to the gallery and organized by year. This batch contains around 75+ clippings.

Click here to see more photos!

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  1. looks like someone did a little shopping on ebay! i saw all of these clippings for auction on ebay a month ago or something. thanks for uploading them here!!!

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