BSO Content Update: Discography, Videography And More

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Hello! I just wanted to mention that I have been working a lot behind-the-scenes on the fansite getting all of content up-to-date.

Ographies: You may have noticed our new Ograpgies section in our links bar and maybe thought… what is that? I’e=ve decided to group all of our growing content with the commercials archive, discography, filmography, videography and more together.

Our new discography section: For now, I’ve added all of the band’s albums, including album artwork, writers, tracklistings, imports, deluxe and special editions and more for each. We are currently working on the singles section (though the band’s is done, including “Settle Down”) and work continues on Gwen’s solo single releases. It’s a HUGE work in progress and a big undertaking while we add promos, box sets, compilations, appearances, bootlegs and more. We are trying to be the most comprehensive archive on the net and we’ll keep everyone updated with our progress.

Updated videography section: We are now fully up-to-date with the latest addition of “Settle Down” to our archive.

Downloads: Our downloads section (which previously just included audio and video) has now been extended with links to our wallpapers and avatars directly from our gallery. Fonts and more content coming soon.

Articles section: Still a work in progress (since we lost most when switching servers) but I have added the most current and recent. More coming soon.

Like I mentioned above, we’re really striving to be the best ultimate informational resource for the band as well as bringing the latest news and media. We have a lot of work to do but it’ll be worth it. No Doubt is such a love, inspiration and passion for fans worldwide and they deserve the best! Have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see us add? Let us know!

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