About Gabrial McNair



  • Full Name: Gabrial McNair

  • Nicknames: “Gabe”

  • Birthday: September 8, 1973 (9/8/1973)

  • Astrological Sign: Virgo

  • Schools Attended: Glendora High School, Citrus College, California Institute of the Arts

  • Spouse: Lene Pedersen

  • Children: (Daughter) Pangea McNair (b: May 18, 2010), (Daughter) Isis McNair (b: August 25, 2013)

  • Instruments Played: Trombone, percussion, keyboards, guitar

    The following was written by Mick McKeany for former NxDUniverse.com:

    Gabe McNair joined No Doubt after Phil invited him to a show in 1993. These two guys helped in making The Beacon Street Collection and Tragic Kingdom . Phil left the band to go back to school after recording Tragic Kingdom. He was replaced by Steven Bradley. It seems that No Doubt has found another great reason to come to their shows: to watch the horn guys do their thing!

    Gabe, one of seven siblings, began playing trombone when he was nine years old. Since then he has learned how to play tuba and taught himself how to play drums (which he plays for Senza Motiva) and keyboards/piano. Gabe has been collaborating with Phil Jordan lately, they played a few song with Goldfinger in the studio. They also did some live performances with the Long Beach Dub All-Stars. While growing up he basically performed jazz and classical type music. He one day hopes to conduct an orchestra as it is one of his life-long dreams.

    About Stephen Bradley



  • Full Name: Stephen Bradley

  • Nicknames: “Steve”

  • Birthday: August 23, 1972 (8/23/1972)

  • Astrological Sign: Virgo

  • Born: Richmond, California

  • Instruments Played: Trumpet, keyboards

    The following was written by Mick McKeany for former NxDUniverse.com:

    Stephen grew up wanting to play the drums, but his school band already had three drummers, so he decided to play the trumpet because “I knew it only had three valves so I figured it [the trumpet] was simplistic enough and would be easy to pick up…it’s one of the hardest instruments to play.”

    When Phil Jordan left No Doubt in 1995 (because he wanted to go back to school), Stephen stepped in. This was after the recording of Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt is not his first band. Steve has been a part of such bands as Green Day (“King for a Day”), Dizzybam, and Baby Snufkin (“Indios De Bacelona”), Tom Dumont’s brother’s band, as well as helping out people like Bonnie Raitt. Two of the bands Stephen has contributed to were Dizzybam and The Good Life, which were local Bay Area bands. One thing the bands had in common were Steve and Benjamin Decker. Benjamin knew Steve from Dizzybam, when he started The Good Life he asked his friend to help out. The band released a five song ep, played a few shows and stayed together for over a year. Steven is putting together another side project at the moment but there is nothing more to report about that at this time. His advice to those struggling musicians out there “Sell out now so you don’t have to sell out later.”