Flashback Friday: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

It’s pretty surreal that Love.Angel.Music.Baby. was released on this day back in 2004 so we’re looking back at all of Gwen’s solo videos from the album, including a clip of “Serious” that is still unreleased. Which video was your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

  1. Always loved “Cool” and I wish it were a ND song! Luxurious is another good one. I love the live version from Pepsi Smash with the beautiful and talented Gail Ann Dorsey at the end!

  2. I think this whole Era is awesome. I love Ghetto-fab Gwen in Luxurious and all Gwen images in Cool. HBG is so fun. WYWF of course is amazing for its imagery. I feel like rich girl wasn’t the best, Crash stinks, and Serious was waaay budget (however– it reminds me of an early 90s video, which I love)

  3. This era was my favourite of all no doubt/gwen eras. I love all the vodeos except “Crash” But my favourite would have to be “Cool”

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