New The Sweet Escape Wallpaper

It’s been slow… so I’m back today with a new wallpaper. Enjoy a pretty neat 1280×800 graphic of Gwen from her promotional photo shoot for The Sweet Escape. Have any requests or would like something in a different size? Let me know and you can find more of my original wallpapers here.

Push and Shove 1280×800 Wallpapers

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted a batch of graphics! I used to make them all the time but have lacked due to time. I’ll try to get on the ball more so here are a few 1280×800 wallpapers I made this morning featuring some iconic photos from the Push and Shove era. More […]

Harper’s Bazaar Icons and Wallpapers

Woah! It seems like forever since we’ve put together a new icons post. I’ve posted some new 100×100 icons from Gwen’s latest photo shoots with photographer Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar and have also uploaded a couple of really neat wallpapers sent into us by fan Jordan. Feel free to use as many as you […]

“Settle Down” Artwork Untagged HQ

Oh my goodness! For anyone who is a fan of the new “Settle Down” single artwork — you’re going to love this! Photographer Billy Kid shared his super high quality and untagged version of the artwork including more of the side shots (hopefully he shares more!) It is incredible and works so perfectly as a […]

Two New Wallpapers Added

Before going out of town I went through my computer this afternoon and came across two Gwen wallpapers that I created awhile ago and wanted to share them. Both are sized 1280x800px, if you would like a different size for any of them, please let me know and I’ll do my best! Click here to […]

New iPhone Wallpapers Added

Just wanted to mention that I added a few wallpapers for your iPhone that I made awhile ago for myself that I had on my computer. I also added one featuring Gwen’s new L’Oréal ad that looks really good, I’m using it now. Let me know if you have any requests for one and I’ll […]

A Couple Of L’Oréal Paris Ad Wallpapers Added; iPhone Added

1920×1080 | 1280×800 | iPhone I added a couple of wallpapers using Gwen’s L’Oréal Paris ad. They are pretty basic but I’ll add some more later tonight and some avatars and iPhone wallpapers as well as requested. Enjoy! Also let me know if you need particular sizes of them!

New iPhone Wallpapers Added To The Gallery

Just wanted to mention that I created a new album of custom wallpapers I made for your iPhone background! The few that I’ve made so far are ones that I made for myself, but I figured other fans might want to use them! I’m taking requests, so if you want me to make you one, […]

HQ Gossip Girls Photos Added; New Wallpapers And Icons

Thanks to GG Media for uploading and sharing, we added high quality captures of the ND performance on the upcoming “Valley Girls” episode. We added them to the gallery and a made a few wallpapers for your desktop with them. They are sized 1280×800 at the moment, let me know if you would like a […]

New Donated Wallpapers

Thanks again to our buddy Rik for donating, check out some new wallpapers featuring Mark Squires’ new shots of the band and Gwen! Click here for the rest!

No Doubt 2009 Wallpaper

Thanks to our good friend Vanessa, she donated a really cute No Doubt 2009 wallpaper to us! On a side note, we FINALLY got our laptop and photoshop back, so expect a bunch of new graphics (wallpapers, icons) in the next couple days and a new layout hopefully up by the end of the week […]

New icons and wallpapers

      Added new icons to our gallery of the band from various eras since it’s been awhile and I’ve had a bunch of cute pictures on my computer for awhile. Enjoy, you can find more located in the Doghouse. Click for more I also added a couple of new wallpapers as well!