You Voted! And The BSO Fan Favorite Off “Return Of Saturn” Is…

… “NEW!” Thanks to everyone who voted (with over 1,000 votes via BSO, Twitter, Facebook and email!) “New” was named BSO visitors favorite song off of No Doubt’s 2000’s Return of Saturn album. “Simple Kind of Life” came in at a close second. “New” is such an amazing song and will always be favorite No […]

Voting Ends This Sunday For MTV’s Musical March Madness

No Doubt took to thier official site to remind fans to keep voting for them against Paramore in the first round of MTV’s Musical March Madness. They were ahead, but are falling behind steadily. Please, EVERYONE needs to vote for them, and tell your friends! They deserve this title! No Doubt — MTV’s Musical March […]

Tweet: Keep Voting For No Doubt

Keep voting, No Doubters! They have fallen behind! VOTE NOW for NO DOUBT on MTV’s March Madness #MMM. This round of voting ends Sunday. You decide who wins! 7 minutes ago via web

No Doubt Competing In MTV’s March Madness #MMM

No Doubt — MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament has begun and No Doubt is one of 64 bands competing for the trophy. This tournament is controlled 100% by the fans so No Doubt need your help! Each day, new match ups are posted for fans to log on and vote for their favorite artist. Winning […]

Vote Gwen For Pop Star With The Cooler Signature Makeup Look

This is kind of a no brainer, but you can vote for Gwen and her signature red lips, whom is up against Taylor Swift’s cateye look on The winner of the poll will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Photos: L.A.M.B. Spring 2010 Complete Runway Looks; Vote In Our Poll

Just wanted to mention that we added all 47 looks from L.A.M.B.’s Spring 2011 collection to the gallery! And we want to know, what did you think of the line this season? Please vote in our poll below, and the results will be posted soon. Click here to see all 47+ looks from L.A.M.B. Spring […]


Thank you to the amazing fans who nominated BSO, but we are up for a Shorty Award, a web-based award that honors Twitter blogs as a whole, not based on individual Tweets. Here is a little bit more information on how you can vote for us and show you’re support! We are currently nominated in […]

Elle Wants You To Vote On Gwen's Hairstyles

Elle put up a new section on their site for you to vote on your favorite hairstyles of Gwen through the years from different eras. It’s pretty neat to see similar styles come up from time to time with some twists. Make sure to check it out and vote!

No Doubt in Summer Tour Poll

Thanks to lamb83 on the forums, Entertainment Weekly is having a poll for which band reunion is most anticipated. So far No Doubt is winning with 55%. What is old is new again. That seems to be the theme in music this summer, with a number of 80’s and 90’s acts reuniting for new albums […]

Gwen Stefani: What's Her Best Hair? put up a new poll for fans to vote which of her current hair styles your prefer: the classic up-done style for the twisty knots that she’s been wearing lately on tour. It looks like majority of voters prefer the messy up-do, with an overwhelming 96%, but we think the twisty knots suits her […]

American Idol Contestant Allison Iraheta Performed "Don't Speak" Tonight; Video Added

Thanks to gwenkiky for the link, on tonight’s edition of American Idol, contestant Allison Iraheta covered “Don’t Speak,” and did a pretty good job, considering she did flub the words “It looks as though you’re headling low…” hmm, anyways. Her outfit was kind of out-there, but overall it was okay. Thanks to, you can […]

New Poll: How Many Times Are You Seeing No Doubt This Summer?

Make sure you get your votes in! We will have the results for the last poll coming soon!

Poll: Which Song Would You Not Mind Being Cut From The Setlist?

The time has come! So, keeping in the spirit of tour news, we wanted to hear your opinion about the upcoming setlist. So, we already know that the majority of it will be a reminder of The Singles tour, but if you had to choose one, which song would you cut out? I took some […]