Poll: Favorite Rock Steady Single?

For today’s fun poll, we want to know what your favorite single from Rock Steady was. Rock Steady was such a fun album and pulled so many sounds of the band which definitely reflected in the single choices. From dancehall to electric funk-rock to reggae to a keyboard-heavy ballad. Again, more amazing music videos came […]

Poll: Favorite Return of Saturn Single?

With today’s fun poll, we want to know which single from Return of Saturn was your favorite! With only four singles released domestically (including “New” which was featured on the album at the last minute), the era turned out some incredible music and videos. Let us know the one you absolutely love by voting below. […]

Poll: What Is Your Favorite Gwen Solo Single?

With today’s poll wrapping up the week, we’re curious what your favorite solo single from Gwen is! Gwen’s two mega albums Love.Angel.Music.Baby and The Sweet Escape spawned millions in sales, new fans, and gave Gwen the creative freedom to take over the pop music charts. Her songs stick still with so many and both albums […]

“One More Summer” Named Time Out New York’s Song of the Summer

After weeks of voting, No Doubt’s “One More Summer” has been named Time Out New York’s Song of the Summer! This may be small to some, but a lot of fans voted like crazy for this and it’s nice to come out on top!

21st Anniversary of Self Titled Album

Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on the 21st anniversary of their debut album’s release, No Doubt. The album was released on this day back in 1992 and spawned such fan favorites as “Trapped In a Box”, “Get On The Ball”, “Let’s Get Back” and “Move On”. No […]

Poll: Favorite Unreleased Old School Song?

In honor of today’s 26th anniversary of No Doubt’s first live show, we wanted to post a fun poll asking what fans favorite old school unreleased live song was. We’re pretty lucky to have heard most of these gems, either live or in demo form, and there are tons! We realize some may be missing […]

No Doubt Nominated for People’s Choice

Voting has ended and the OC Music Awards People’s Choice nominations have been announced and No Doubt made the bill! Thank you to all the fans that voted for the band to be nominated in such a well-deserved category. They are up against fellow hometown acts including Whiplash X Band, The O.C. Supertones, The Devious […]

BSO’s Fan Favorites Poll Results

And our results are in! Thousands of votes were counted all this week while we asked you what your favorite album, video, tour, style and potential single were in some fun polls. And here are what you’ve picked as your favorites! Thank you to all that voted, spread the news and contributed! We really appreciate […]

Poll: The Best Single That Never Was?

So today’s poll is pretty interesting and debatable: which was the best single that never was? We determined the following songs due to their popularity with fans and classic tracks that always (for the most part) are brought back on tours more than others. Both “One More Summer” and “Easy” have been included (since they […]

Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Video?

With only a couple more polls to go till the end of the week, we were pretty excited for this one. What is your favorite No Doubt music video? Is there one that you still cherish the most over the years? Almost every single one of their videos are unique and all brought something new […]

Poll: What Tour Would You Go Back and See?

We’re continuing our poll week with another fun one: which tour (past or present) would you like to go back and see the most? It could be a tour that you had missed out on, would love to relive again, or just your favorite overall. We included Push and Shove as well for those that […]

Poll: What Era Had The Best Overall Style?

Our poll of the day is simple: what era did No Doubt have the best overall style? And we’re not just asking about clothing and hair… we mean attitude, too! We have it broken up into six categories: pre-Tragic Kingdom (anything before the album was released), Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn, Rock Steady, post-Rock Steady […]

Poll: What Is Your Favorite No Doubt Album?

Since it’s been pretty slow this past week with updates, we thought we might do a few fun polls to get some good discussions going. First up: what is your favorite No Doubt album (and yes we did include Everything In Time because it’s an amazing collection and features some of the band’s best work). […]

No Doubt Nominated at the OC Music Awards

No Doubt have been nominated a couple times at the annual OC Music Awards! The band is nominated for Best Album (Push and Shove), Best Song (“Settle Down”) and Best Music Video (“Settle Down”). You can also vote for No Doubt in the People’s Choice Category up until February 15. Simply just write in their […]

Poll: What Song Should No Doubt Release as Next Single?

What should No Doubt release as the next single? It’s time for a new poll! After a few suggestions, we decided to ask the burning question — what song should No Doubt release next as their new single? Many rumors have been floating around and it was