Poll: Favorite Blondie Cover From No Doubt?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the band’s Blondie covers was your favorite: “One Way Or Another” or “Call Me”? No Doubt covered “One Way Or Another” back in the early days and comes across as one of the band’s most rocking covers (not to mention Tom’s killer guitar solo!) The near perfect […]

Poll: Favorite Video From Rock Steady?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which video from the Rock Steady album that fans loved the most. In our past fan favorite survey, you picked “Running” as No Doubt’s best video ever, but the four videos released during the era (“Hey Baby”, “Hella Good”, “Underneath It All” and “Running”) were so different and great […]

Poll: “Settle Down” vs. “Push and Shove” Video

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious which of the two Push and Shove videos was your favorite: “Settle Down” or the title track? Though the band only released two videos from the album, they couldn’t be any more different from each other but somehow showcased and kept the fun-loving vibe No Doubt has always had. […]

Poll: Favorite Gwen Collaborative Remix?

For today’s fun poll, we’re curious what your favorite collaborative remix from Gwen’s solo era was. There wasn’t too many, but most came out amazing and basically took the songs to another level (we did however include Gwen’s single version of “Luxurious” that included rapper Slim Thug). Also, Gwen’s single version of “Now That You […]

Poll: “Everything In Time” L.A. or London?

For today’s fun poll, we’re asking you which version of No Doubt’s song “Everything In Time” is your favorite — Los Angeles or London? The band released both takes of the song on their B-sides and rarities collection under the same name, Everything In Time, in 2003. While Los Angeles gives the track a more […]

Poll: “Leftovers” Original or Studio Version?

We’re curious which version of No Doubt’s B-side, “Leftovers”, is your favorite! Though the track appears on the band’s B-sides and rarities collection, Everything In Time, No Doubt first debuted the “brand new” song to fans on May 15, 1996 in Hollywood. The original version (which sadly we only have this live rough recording) gives […]

Beacon Street Collection Re-Issue Anniversary

Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to congratulate No Doubt on the 16th anniversary of The Beacon Street Collection‘s re-release which came out on this day back in 1997. No Doubt originally released the album independently in March of 1995 on their own label, Beacon Street Records. Interscope then re-issued it after the success […]

Poll: Favorite Return of Saturn Video?

For today’s fun poll, we want to know what video from the Return of Saturn album was your favorite. Most fans can agree that this era turned out some of the band’s best videos — from the gorgeous visuals and story telling to Gwen’s flawless makeup and pink hair to seeing Adrian in drag. Tell […]

18th Anniversary Release of Tragic Kingdom

Today marks the 18th anniversary that No Doubt’s third and most successful album, Tragic Kingdom, was released! Tragic Kingdom went on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide, hitting #1 all over the world and staying on top of the Billboard charts for weeks that spawned some of the band’s biggest hits to date including […]

Poll: “Ex-Girlfriend” Original or Released?

For today’s poll, we’re curious if you prefer the original and unreleased stripped down version of “Ex-Girlfriend” that was teased by the band or the sassy bass driven version that was domestically released on Return of Saturn. Both versions are incredible but give two totally different takes on the song. Gwen once referred to the […]

Poll: Would You Like Another Solo Album?

Though she has stated several times in the past that her solo days are over, would you love for Gwen to release another album on her own? We all know her heart is with the band (rightfully so!) and that No Doubt have plans for another album together, but nobody can deny the amazingness that […]

No Doubt’s World Stage Nominated for MTV EMA

Great news! Congratulations to No Doubt on their recent nomination at the 2013 MTV EMA for Best World Stage! The band performed a special showcase in Frankfurt, Germany on November 9 of last year and it aired later in the month. The entire show was broadcasted (minus closer “Sunday Morning”) and was a huge highlight […]

Poll: Dream Beacon Street Collection Single?

We’re curious what song from The Beacon Street Collection should have been released as a domestic single with a music video. Obviously the album was released independently (including vinyl releases of “Squeal” and “Doghouse”), but with backing by Interscope, which song do you think could have had an amazing video to go with it?

Poll: No Doubt’s Best VMA Style?

With all the buzz regarding MTV’s VMAs last night, we’re curious what you thought No Doubt’s best look on the red carpet was over the years. The band used to be a staple at the show during the late 90s and early 2000s and always brought their funky style to the show. Not to mention […]

Poll: Favorite Tragic Kingdom Single?

On today’s poll, we want to know which single from Tragic Kingdom was your favorite! Judging from our previous poll results, this is the era that most fans started to love the band. Was it a certain performance that drew you in or a catchy song from them that you heard on the radio? Tragic […]