Highlights: ‘The Voice’ – Live Finale Part 2 Episode 27 (Updated)

This is it, Voice fans! Tonight is the season 9 finale and we are so proud of Team Gwen artist Jeffery Austin for making it all the way to the end. We can imagine how surreal this season has been for Gwen and it would be pretty amazing to have her win it all and […]

Get To Know Team Gwen and How To Vote Before the Live Playoffs

Before heading into the Live Playoffs on The Voice this week, we wanted to take a look at Team Gwen ahead of the Coach’s Comeback, which has each team welcoming back one eliminated artist for the first time in the show’s history. You can also find ways to vote and follow Team Gwen heading into […]

“Used To Love You” Available Now!

Gwen’s powerful new single “Used To Love You” is available now! Co-written with J.R. Rotem, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, “Used To Love You” is one of Gwen’s most emotionally driven songs in a long time. She surprised and debuted her new single to fans this past weekend in New York sharing that it was […]

TK20: Gwen’s Best ‘Tragic Kingdom’ Tour Hairstyle

For a fun poll in honor of TK20, we’re curious which of Gwen’s hair styles that she rocked over the era on-stage was your favorite. She incorporated her fun personality into everything and so many of of her memorable styles came out of the Tragic Kingdom tours from her pompadours to her funky mini knot […]

“Kings Never Die” Available Now; Confirmed Second Single

It’s here! “Kings Never Die”, Gwen’s latest and surprise collaboration with rapper Eminem included on the Southpaw soundtrack, was released today ahead of schedule on both iTunes and Google Play. Eminem has also confirmed that “Kings Never Die” is set to the second single from the soundtrack which has been rumored the last week or […]

Vote: “Excuse Me Mr.” Acoustic Original or New Version?

To keep it fun around here, we’re curious which acoustic take of “Excuse Me Mr.” from that band do you prefer? No Doubt have been performing their classic track from Tragic Kingdom acoustically since 1994 and recently debuted a reworked version of the song on tour. In 2009, the band treated fans to a more […]

Results: Top Underrated No Doubt Songs

And the results are in! We’ve put together the Top Underrated No Doubt Songs list voted by fans over the past few weeks on the site and our social networks. We asked you to vote on which songs from each of No Doubt’s albums did you find the most underrated. That could be either by […]

Vote: Most Underrated B-Side and/or Unreleased Song

Finally, we’re wrapping our set of polls asking fans which songs are the band’s most underrated from each album. We’re curious which of No Doubt’s B-sides and/or unreleased track do you feel like should have been given more attention or should have made the respected album. To make this list, these songs must have been […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Push and Shove’

Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s latest album, Push and Shove, do you find the most underrated? After it’s release in 2012, the album received mixed reviews from both critics and fans but does offer a few highlights that stand out with the rest of the band’s catalog (i.e. “Push and Shove”, […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Rock Steady’

Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s most ambitious and fifth album, Rock Steady, do you find the most underrated? Rock Steady is one of those albums that still comes across as fresh and harbors a lot of gems and huge hits from the band. Rock Steady came out in December 2001 and […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Return of Saturn’

Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s masterpiece of an album, Return of Saturn, do you find most underrated? Return of Saturn came out on top as the fan’s favorite album in recent poll and some of the songs on the album rank as some of the band’s strongest to date. Which ones […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Tragic Kingdom’

Up next, we’re curious which song from No Doubt’s biggest album to date, Tragic Kingdom, do you find the most underrated? Almost (if not all of the album) is recognizable to most fans, so which track do you feel hasn’t received enough recognition over the years? Tragic Kingdom went on to sell over 16 million […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘The Beacon Street Collection’

Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s independent release, The Beacon Street Collection, do you find most underrated. Since the Tragic Kingdom tour wrapped up in 1997, the band has strayed away from the album (like most old-school material) but always seem to impress and surprise with “Total Hate” after all these years. […]

Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘No Doubt’

For our next series of polls, we’re curious which song from each of No Doubt’s albums do you find the most underrated. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of the band’s best “unheard” and overlooked tracks — and because it sounds like a fun topic to discuss! We’re not asking fans to necessarily […]

Poll Results: Your Dream Set List For Gwen’s Show In Los Angeles

Over 500+ votes were tallied and below are your top song picks for Gwen’s live return to the solo stage in Los Angeles tomorrow night. We asked you what you would like to see her perform and your dream set list. The songs below are listed in order of how they scored in the poll. […]