Listen: “Used To Love You” Acoustic Version Remix (Unofficial)

Gwen’s first single from her latest album, “Used To Love You”, has been given the stripped down treatment in a new acoustic version courtesy of Country Club Martini Crew. The remix is gorgeous which seems to feature an unreleased vocal track from Gwen on top of soaring piano. While the original version is truly remarkable, […]

New Outtakes from ‘Truth’ Album Artwork

Check out a few new photos that have surfaced from Gwen’s album artwork shoot for This Is What the Truth Feels Like courtesy of photographer Jamie Nelson. She shared outtakes and high quality images of Gwen featured throughout the album’s artwork and promo including ones from a previously unseen shoot. She looks gorgeous in these […]

Exclusive Q&A with Eric Keyes

In honor of No Doubt’s 30th anniversary, we chatted with close friend and collaborator of the band Eric Keyes for a quick Q&A on his relationship with No Doubt over the years. We asked him about some of his earliest memories and his most fondest moments with No Doubt. Eric has documented and followed the […]

Footage from UC Irvine Surfaces in “Rare Collection” Video

A new video has surfaced on YouTube courtesy of Richard Alan White that features over 10 minutes of rare footage of No Doubt backstage goofing off and during soundcheck from UC Irvine in 1991. Fans may remember parts of the “rockumentary” that includes portions of “Discovering Gwen Stefani 1991” that went viral a few years […]

Behind ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’

Gwen is releasing her third solo album This Is What the Truth Feels Like on March 18, 2016. With the album on the way, we’ve wanted to put together a nice resource for fans to catch up on what we know so far and what we could expect. Please feel free to leave comments on […]

Vote: Most Underrated B-Side and/or Unreleased Song

Finally, we’re wrapping our set of polls asking fans which songs are the band’s most underrated from each album. We’re curious which of No Doubt’s B-sides and/or unreleased track do you feel like should have been given more attention or should have made the respected album. To make this list, these songs must have been […]

Listen: No Doubt Covers “Mark My Word” in 2001

Wow! The mystery has been solved! For years, we’ve always been super curious about an unknown song that No Doubt teased us with during the making of Rock Steady. A clip from an “unknown song” surfaced that featured a heavy reggae beat with Gwen cooing softly over the melody while the band was recording in […]

More Unreleased Song Titles Added To Lyrics Archive

Thanks to Paulo for finding and sharing with us! We have already had some unreleased song titles in our archive that were found on the ASCAP website (including “Criminal”, “Can’t Stop The Music”, etc.) and were leftover songs written from Gwen’s solo sessions, both Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and The Sweet Escape. I also was looking thru and […]

Video: Gwen Stefani’s “Candyland” Remixed

Thanks to Whoopiedo for sending into us, we put together a small video using a remix (that was labled as the official version) of Gwen’s unreleased favorite, “Candyland”. The remix was found on a Neptunes (Pharell’s production team with Chad Hugo) fansite as the “full version”, but I can tell that it’s just a remix […]

Exclusive: Download Unreleased “Ache” Demo In High Quality

UPDATE We made a quick video with the song! Enjoy! Huge thanks to Mercedes for sending into us — we have just uploaded a very rare and unreleased high quality version of No Doubt’s “Ache” demo. This version is making it’s debut online for everyone and we are so honored to share it! The demo […]

Photos: Rare Look At The “Serious” Video Shoot

Thank you so much to kbohanan on Flickr for sharing, check out some really neat shots from the video shoot for the infamous unreleased video for “Serious”, which Gwen shot back in 2005. These photos give us a rare look at what would have been a cute video. We added the the photos to our […]