Photo: KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas 1995

Check out a rad photo of Gwen live during the band’s debut performance at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas held in Los Angeles, California back on December 17, 1995. Click here to see more photos from the show. And listen to No Doubt’s short 20 minute set that included “Get On The Ball”, “Spiderwebs”, “Just […]

Rare ‘Tragic Kingdom’ Tour Photos Shared By Tom

Check out a couple of rare and personal photos shared by Tom from the Tragic Kingdom tour taken in 1995. He quizzed fans on Tumblr if they knew the venue and the year that these two were taken from.

New Gwen For OPI Photos

Thank you to Anne for screen capturing and sharing a few new Gwen for OPI promotional photos in high quality! Gwen looks stunning and we’re so excited to see more from her campaign!

Tumblr Find: Blender Outtake by Judson Baker

Thank you to Anne for coming across and sharing a rare black and white outtake from Gwen’s photo shoot with Judson Baker for her 2005 spread in Blender magazine.

Tumblr Find: Simpsons Based All Access Pass

Check out a neat all access backstage pass that was gifted to Tumblr user conversationswithbianca from a friend that supported No Doubt back in the day on the Tragic Kingdom tour. The band are based on caricatures of themselves from the Simpsons. What a cool item to have in your collection!

Tumblr Find: Fan Shares Personal Photos

Thanks to Tumblr’s merchanddestroy for sharing a couple of photos of fan Dave posing with Gwen back on the Sixteen Stone tour and Tony more recently with Moby. Thanks as well to our own MB for sending in the link!

Twitter Find: Gwen with Terry Hall in 1998

This might be my new favorite pictures. Check out a polaroid shot of Gwen posing with Terry Hall from The Specials. Judging by her hairstyle, this might be from the set of Terry’s “Ballard of the Landlord” music video shoot back in 1998 which No Doubt appeared in. We’re still crossing our fingers for an […]

Band Recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood

Tom shared that No Doubt tracked a new song at the Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood yesterday. Tom Dumont — We tracked a new song at Sunset Sound yesterday, it’s a famous old Hollywood studio. It was our first time there, which is funny because it feels like we’ve recorded at every studio in town […]

Photo: Tony with Cover Drive

Bajan group Cover Drive has shared a photo on Tumblr of themselves meeting Tony awhile back. You might recognize them for their pretty stellar cover of “Settle Down”. Cover Drive have called themselves No Doubt’s biggest fans and would love to collaborate with them someday. Thank you to the band for sharing the photo!

Photos: Tom Stops by GJ² Guitar Shop

Tom shared a few new photos this afternoon of himself stopping by the GJ² Guitar shop last week to check out the progress on the new Zora and Glendora models. Tom looks fantastic we might add — and so does his new blog. Click on the link to check out more photos from his trip.

Download: “Dreaming the Same Dream” Instrumental

The wonderful people at have uploaded another instrumental track from Push and Shove — “Dreaming the Same Dream”. The music is just stellar and to hear all the instruments soar is so delicious to listen to. Enjoy and

Photo: Backstage in Frankfurt with Chad Hugo

So awesome! Chad Hugo, one half of the production team the Neptunes and part of the band N.E.R.D (both of which the band and Gwen have worked with many times over the years and are huge fans and great friends of) posted this picture of himself Gwen backstage at the band’s recent Frankfurt show! We […]

Gwen Mentioned in Blondie Fan Pack

Thank you so much to Tumblr user harrietgibsone for sharing this! The new Blondie album Panic of Girls, comes with a collectors fan pack magazine. One of the articles talks about Debbie and the band’s influence of the women of music today and, of course, Gwen is mentioned! There is only a small blurb, but […]

New Promo Shot Of Tom

Check out this brand new promo shot of Tom from the second promo shoot we posted about the other day! Hopefully we’ll get shots of the rest of the band as well soon! Tom added this as his latest avatar to Twitter. The photographer of this shoot was Yu Tsai.

Tumblr find: Rare photo of Gwen and Eric

We sure wish we had this yesterday as it was Eric’s 45th birthday! Thank you to Tumblr user joanapacheco for posting this super rare picture of Gwen and Eric celebrating the latter’s birthday way back in the day! We hope that Eric had a great time with his family celebrating such a huge milestone in […]