Video: No Doubt Live in Fullerton

Wow — we’re speechless! YouTube’s DarthPink75 has shared No Doubt’s full performance from December 7, 1994 live on the Cal State Fullerton campus in Fullerton, California. Fans may recognize this show from various photos of the band from the performance that symbolized the Beacon Street era for some. The band’s energy was incredible and it’s […]

Select Prints from Photographer Jeff Bender Available

Jeff Bender, the photographer behind some of No Doubt’s most beloved shoots, is opening his archive and selling a limited amount of individual prints. Hardcore collectors would appreciate these photos and prices may vary. Jeff has been sharing examples of his work and what he has to sell on his Instagram (@LooksDirty) and is encouraging […]

Video: “Big City Train” Live in 1991

A rare clip of the band performing “Big City Train” live during Teen Fest held in Anaheim Parks back in 1991 (possibly from April 28, 1991) has surfaced courtesy of Thomas Cook. The footage was shared from an old VHS tape and it’s incredible to see. Gwen’s vocals are out-of-this-world and and we’re excited to […]

Listen: “Used To Love You” Acoustic Version Remix (Unofficial)

Gwen’s first single from her latest album, “Used To Love You”, has been given the stripped down treatment in a new acoustic version courtesy of Country Club Martini Crew. The remix is gorgeous which seems to feature an unreleased vocal track from Gwen on top of soaring piano. While the original version is truly remarkable, […]

Exclusive Q&A with Eric Keyes

In honor of No Doubt’s 30th anniversary, we chatted with close friend and collaborator of the band Eric Keyes for a quick Q&A on his relationship with No Doubt over the years. We asked him about some of his earliest memories and his most fondest moments with No Doubt. Eric has documented and followed the […]

Photos: Rare Radio Industry and Tour Promos

Check out a batch of rare radio and music industry promos featuring No Doubt that Geo was able to snag recently and share with the site. The majority of these clippings may have been found in industry magazines over the years. We love seeing the Tragic Kingdom era goodies including ones of the band promoting […]

Listen & Download: No Doubt Live in New York 1996 (Updated)

We’re excited to share another full high-quality show from the Tragic Kingdom era courtesy of our good friend Adam George. He was able to get his hands on and share an incredible performance from the band live in New Your, New York from Tramps back on April 14, 1996. At the time, No Doubt was […]

Listen: No Doubt Live in The Hague (‘Planet Live!’ Recording)

With great pleasure, we’re excited to share the high-quality soundboard recording of No Doubt’s show live from The Hague, Netherlands back on February 21, 1997. Good friend of the site Adam George was able to get his hands on the rare No Doubt: Planet Live! radio promo disc that was distributed around in 1997 and […]

Footage from UC Irvine Surfaces in “Rare Collection” Video

A new video has surfaced on YouTube courtesy of Richard Alan White that features over 10 minutes of rare footage of No Doubt backstage goofing off and during soundcheck from UC Irvine in 1991. Fans may remember parts of the “rockumentary” that includes portions of “Discovering Gwen Stefani 1991” that went viral a few years […]

Performance and Tour Visuals Included in Weirdcore’s Portfolio

Fans may have noticed Gwen’s flashy and intriguing backdrops this past summer featured on her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour which she collaborated on with Weirdcore, video designer behind “Baby Don’t Lie”. Weirdcore has since uploaded and shared visuals from Gwen’s recent performances and tour on his official website including ones for […]

Sneak Peek at Gwen Voice Acting for ‘Trolls’

A special behind-the-scenes clip has surfaced of the cast from Trolls voice acting portions of the script from the film. Gwen is featured for about 30 seconds and it’s the first glimpse we get of DJ Suki and what to expect from her in the upcoming animated film hitting theaters on November 4. She sounds […]

Rare Footage from No Doubt’s ‘Trapped In A Box’ Tour

Good friend of the band Eric Keyes shared a few clips of rare and uncirculated footage from No Doubt’s Trapped In A Box tour. The band toured select cities in the US back in 1992 in support of their debut album. In the short clips, we see the band rehearsing”Move On” during soundcheck and Tom […]

Newly Surfaced Photos of Gwen Onstage with Sublime

Check out a couple of rare photos shared with us by our friends at SublimeWiki of Gwen onstage with Sublime in 1995. The second comes from one of the band’s shows in Las Vegas on May 7 when Gwen was spotted throughout the spring joining Sublime onstage for “Saw Red”. These photos are really incredible […]

Gwen Featured on Early Version of The Skeletones’ “Kicked in the Butt by Love”

Check out an unreleased recording from The Skeletones of their song “Kicked in the Butt by Love” which features Gwen on vocals! This ska track ended up being re-recorded and released later in the early 2000s without her but it’s incredible to hear something new to many of us (including ourselves!) after all these years. […]

Tom Shares Rare Photos from Personal Collection (Updated)

Tom took to Instagram this afternoon and posted that he came across a ton of personal old school photos from the early days of No Doubt that he’s wanting to share with everyone! The live shots are incredible and include some rare photos from the band’s 1993 show at the Inn at the Park in […]