Gwen Sighting at The Ex in Toronto… Sort Of

Geo was able to get a neat photo with Gwen earlier this week during Canada’s National Exhibition (known as The Ex) in Toronto… sort of. Check out this cool airbrushed artwork of Gwen, featured on the side of what looks like a ride, which took inspiration from No Doubt’s opening stint for U2 in late […]

Girl Radical Covers “Just a Girl” For Debut

Billboard exclusively shared new female group Girl Radical’s debut cover of “Just a Girl” on their website this afternoon and it’s… an interesting take. Girl Radical is the new project of former *Nysnc member JC Chasez and features “11 vocalists who hail from a variety of backgrounds”. On why he chose “Just a Girl”, Chasez […]

Gwen with “The Most Comfortable G-String”

We thought this was pretty funny and wanted to share! Los Angeles’ Le Fashion Truck shared a vintage photo of Gwen taken at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards holding up a pair of “Hipster G” thong underwear that InStyle magazine named “the most comfortable g-string”. Gwen looks adorable in the photo and it happens to […]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

No Doubt was recently featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live during his pretty popular and hilarious Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment where celebrities read aloud some of the most insane Tweets directed to themselves. All of the Tweets featured are pretty ridiculous and No Doubt’s was so laughable and their reactions were priceless.

Exclusive: Old School Memorabilia

Thank you so much to our dear friend Kelly for sending in pictures of this awesome old school No Doubt stuff she found while staying at her mom’s for the holidays! She said the ticket from the Glam Slam show was her first ever No Doubt show — so, so awesome!

Gwen featured on

Gwen and one of her amazing outfits from the band’s last round of press in London is featured on website’s “Why It Works” section! They not only made a guide to showing why it works (obviously), but told us what she wore – crazy prices and all! You can check out the site if […]

Flashback Friday: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

It’s pretty surreal that Love.Angel.Music.Baby. was released on this day back in 2004 so we’re looking back at all of Gwen’s solo videos from the album, including a clip of “Serious” that is still unreleased. Which video was your favorite?

Cover Drive Would Love To Collaborate

Bajan group Cover Drive claim themselves as No Doubt’s “biggest fans” and would “pass out” if they met Gwen. You might recognize them from their pretty stellar cover of “Settle Down” that was shared by Rolling Stone recently. Cover Drive says that they would love to collaborate with No Doubt one day since they feel […]

Video: “Don’t Speak” Clip from Glee

Fox has shared the full clip of “Don’t Speak” getting covered on Glee last night. What did you think?

Listen: Glee’s Version of “Don’t Speak”

Check out the Glee cover version of “Don’t Speak”, which is featured on the upcoming October 4 episode airing this week. What do you think?

Video: Kelly Clarkson Covers “Don’t Speak” Live

Check out a video of pop singer Kelly Clarkson covering “Don’t Speak” live in Phoenix, Arizona last night. Thanks to Yaroslav for sending in the video!

Jordin Sparks on Gwen To InStyle: “That’s a strong woman right there.”

How sweet! American Idol alum Jordin Sparks (who Gwen mentored way back in 2007’s season six) had some very kind words to say about our girl in a recent interview with InStyle magazine. We always love to see younger, female stars looking up to Gwen the way she should be! “I’m a huge fan of […]

Gwen Portrait On San Francisco Shop

Pretty cool! Check out this stunning painted portrait of Gwen that is featured on a San Francisco beauty shop, Blonde Logic, sign. Thanks to Ashleigh for sending in!

Gwen included on Blonde Inspiration list

Yay! Gwen was included on MyDaily UK’s list of blondes who inspire hair perfection. We couldn’t agree more! MyDaily UK’s -— Gwen Stefani Beauty-wise, there are two things that spring to mind when you think of Gwen Stefani: her bright red lips and that gorgeous white-blonde hair. She knows how to rock both to perfection.

Katy Perry Loves The “Don’t Speak” Video

In a new video interview and feature for Vevo’s Certified series, Katy Perry names No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” one of her favorite music videos. She talks about how she wasn’t allowed to listen to popular music growing up, but when she did, she listened to female fronted bands, including No Doubt. Katy goes on to […]