Listen: Adrian Interview With TSN Radio 1050

Listen to Adrian’s interview with Toronto’s SportsBeat radio show that aired on TSN 1050 Sunday night. He was interviewed by host Darrin Pfeiffer of fellow Orange County band, Goldfinger. No Doubt and Goldfinger actually toured together in late nineties so it’s neat to hear them reflect on the past. Adrian also mentions again that the […]

Tweets: Adrian Interview With SportsBeat

UPDATE So it seems like the interview wasn’t on like scheduled so we will try and figure out what’s going on and when we can hear it! Adrian shared via Twitter that we can listen in to a radio interview he did with Toronto’s SportsBeat tonight at 12:00 AM on TSN 1050. You can stream […]

BSO Gets A Shout Out On The Radio

Our 15 minutes of fame starts now! As many of you know, Ohio based college radio station, WBWC The Sting, is currently playing a 18 hour marathon of straight No Doubt music! Dave emailed them requesting “Doghouse” for me (which so happens to be my favorite song of all time and namesake for our gallery) […]

No Doubt Rank #1 On KROQ’s List Of Albums Expected For 2012

UPDATE No Doubt also made the Top 10 of International Business Time’s list and also Pop Justice’s list of top acts that could help save pop in 2012. Pretty exciting! No Doubt has come in at #1 on the band’s local radio station KROQ’s new list of the Top 15 Alt Rock Albums Expected For […]

Photos: Rare Radio Print Ads

Huge thanks to our good friend MB for sending into us! Check out a couple of rare radio print advertisements for “New” (back from 1999) and from Gwen’s 2001 appearance with Moby, “South Side”.

KSL Names No Doubt One Of The Best 90s Alt-Rock Bands

Thanks to Rosie for sharing the link — Utah based television and radio station KSL have put together a list of the best 90s alt-rock bands and have included No Doubt. They commend them for help bringing back the ska revival in the 90s and also mention how great of people they are, their dedication […]

KROQ Names “Tragic Kingdom” A Favorite First Album

No Doubt’s local radio station KROQ has been included in a new article naming some of the staffer’s favorite first albums! The writer of the article claims Gwen is their idol and remember picking up Tragic Kingdom after hearing it from a classmate and listened to it from beginning to end… sounds like me! Thanks […]

No Doubt Featured In KROQ’s Musical License Plates Gallery

KROQ has put up a new slideshow of fan submitted photos of their music license plates from around the area, and No Doubt is featured — twice! We can imagine (and have seen!) more than this, but these ones are pretty cool. Congrats to the lucky fans who have registered their No Doubt themed license […]

No Doubt Voted Coolest So Cal KROQ Band For Second Year Straight

We did it, No Doubters! Thank you everyone for pulling together and voting No Doubt the Coolest So Cal KROQ Band for the second year in a row (I honestly felt bad that I was out of town with the final round happening!) Seriously though, is this really a competition? Everyone knows that No Doubt […]

Gwen’s Ryan Seacrest KISS FM Interview Recap

Ryan Seacrest — Gwen Stefani phoned in Friday to chat on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about styling the girls on “American Idol” as well as revealed what’s in store with upcoming new No Doubt record which she reveals will be “definitely out this year.” Although Gwen can’t offer an exact date, the L.A.M.B. rocker […]

Listen: Gwen Calls In To Ryan Seacrest This Morning

UPDATE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE INTERVIEW MP3 We just put this up while we’re rushing out the door! We put together a quick video featuring Gwen’s interview with Ryan Seacrest KISS FM this morning. She called in live to talk about her appearance on American Idol last night and talked about the new No […]

Video: Rare Interview With No Doubt On KROQ Promoting Enough Already Benefit

Thanks to Gloriane for sending in and for sharing — it’s pretty cool, I have this interview and performance on cassette tape. I sliced together and uploaded No Doubt’s interview and special acoustic version of “Don’t Speak” on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show from January 10, 1997. No Doubt joined Sublime in the studio […]

Photo: No Doubt Wishes KROQ Happy Holidays

Aww, how sweet! Kat Corbett, a DJ for No Doubt’s local station, KROQ, Tweeted a photo of a holiday card that they recieved from the band! We wish we were on their holiday card list!

We Did It: No Doubt Named Best KROQ Band Of All Time!

We did it, No Doubters! We all pulled together, voted, spread the word, and the band was named KROQ’s Best Band Of All Time! Congratulations to No Doubt on the well desereved title! They were up against some really stiff competiton and some big names, but the fans pulled through for them! Congratulations again to […]

Download: KROQ Breakfast With No Doubt 2002

Thank you so much to Christal for sending into us, but we just added the radio special KROQ Breakfast with No Doubt that aired back on November 22, 2002. This is the event where No Doubt received their Key to the City of Anaheim, California and over an hour of interviews, questions from fans, and […]