"Hollaback Girl" Named Song That Changed The Radio In The 2000s

Yay! I guess it’s a fact that “Hollaback Girl” was a memorable song of the last decade, but it’s also getting named by a well-respected radio journalist a song that changed the radio in the 2000s. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks so much to Chris for sending into us, originally found on radio-info.com. Also, OC Register […]

88.3 The Sting Radio Hosting 18 Hour No Doubt Marathon

Sweet! Thanks to Rosie for finding, but Cleveland based radio station 88.3 The Sting will be broadcasting a 18 hour marathon of only No Doubt’s music on Thursday, June 25. It will be running until 1:00 AM the following morning, and will be featuring covers, Gwen’s solo material, b-sides, and more. I’m curious to what […]

"Stand And Deliver" Hitting The Radio; Reviews Start Hitting The Net

Woooah! Thanks to a bunch of fans who e-mailed me this morning — it looks like “Stand and Deliver” is already hitting the radio waves! That was quick! According to Tom, they had no intentions of putting the song out or anything on the radio or TV (minus Gossip Girls) — how amazing! It’s already […]