Photos: International Press Day; Tracklist?

How exciting! The band has shared some new photos from their international press day/listening session that was held earlier this week at Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles. We keep staring at these notes seeing if we can make out something… and some of it looks like a track listing for the album! Woah! Click […]

New Push and Shove Wiki Launched! pushandshove It’s here! I’m very excited to announce and launch a project that I’ve been working on for the last two weeks! Check out the new Push and Shove Wiki! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been keeping really good track of the band’s progress with the new album, so I though this would be […]

Tweets: Non-Stop From Here On Out

This is what we like to hear! Tom shared this afternoon that next week for the band will include fittings, photo shoots, rehearsals, international press and video edits before they head off to New York City! We’re so excited for No Doubt (and for ourselves!) that all this is finally happening! Of course we will […]

Video: Harajuku Mini Commercial Debuts

It’s here! Target has uploaded the first Harajuku Mini commercial featuring Gwen to their YouTube channel! She looks amazing and the commercial is really awesome! It features Gwen’s “Harajuku Girls” song remixed and even gives off a video game vibe in the ad. Gwen is dressed up as Alice again it looks like (we added […]

Photos: Rare Radio Print Ads

Huge thanks to our good friend MB for sending into us! Check out a couple of rare radio print advertisements for “New” (back from 1999) and from Gwen’s 2001 appearance with Moby, “South Side”.

Wicked Style Artwork Revealed

People — Gwen and her crew are back with a limited-edition collection her famed Harajuku Lovers scents – and this time they’re getting a stylish makeover. Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby and G’s scents remain the same, but what’s new are their fashion-forward garb that rivals anything seen on the runways. From $33 each .33-oz. […]