Tony Narrating In New ‘Unity’ Documentary

We’re proud to announce that Tony, along with 80 other celebrities, is taking part in narrating a new documentary that is being backed by a Kickstarter campaign titled UNITY, “a full-length documentary film about the destiny of humankind and the purpose of existence.” $800,000 is needed to fully be funded by the project and they’ve […]

Adrian and Tom Featured in New Documentary

It’s been revealed that Adrian and Tom are taking part in a new documentary directed by Story of the Year’s Ryan Phillips and Adam Russell titled Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry?. Adrian appears at 2:13 in the trailer above stating that he doesn’t know where the music industry is headed. The documentary is […]

Gwen’s Appearance In “The Aviator” Included In Top 20 Music Stars In Films

Though not really a cameo (she doesn’t play herself), but Gwen has landed on Digital Spy’s list of the Top 20 Music Star Cameos in Film. The film is so amazing and it’s wonderful that Gwen received so much high praise for her roll as blonde bombshell actress, Jean Harlow.

Fishbone Documentary Available On DVD February 22

We just wanted to mention that Fishbone will be releasing their long-awaited documentary, Everyday Sunshine, will be debuting on DVD February 22. The documentary features interviews with the band, captured during the 2009 summer tour. You will also be able to check it out on TV Monday, January 22 (check your local listings!) and will […]

Video: Tom Shares Clip From “The Providence Effect”

Tom took to his official website today to share a clip from The Providence Effect, a film documenting Providence St. Mel, a private school that sets and encourages goals for students. Tom scored the music for the documentary with Invincible Overload collaborator, Ted Matson. You can order the film and learn more on their official […]

More “Wicked Beats” DVD Details

We posted awhile ago that Adrian would be featured in a new DVD, Wicked Beats, showcasing leassons on ska, rocksteady and reggae drumming. Adrian is interviewed in the DVD as well as some amazing footage from the last No Doubt tour is showcased. No Doubt fan Travis picked up the DVD and gave us a […]

Adrian Featured In “Wicked Beats” DVD

Adrian Tweeted to us last Thursday about an upcoming instructional DVD on ska, rocksteady and reggae drumming, “Wicked Beats”. The DVD will include interviews with Adrian as well as professional tour footage from 2009 — which would be cool to see! The DVD is available now on for $22.49. The official site also says […]

Video: Gwen Interview Clip From Fishbone Documentary “Everyday Sunshine”

A short clip of Gwen’s interview featured in “Everyday Sunshine”, the new Fishbone documentary, has popped up online. The footage was shot back in the summer of 2009 cause you can see that it was filmed prior to a show on the road. Interviews with the whole band is said to be in the documentary […]

Photo: Gwen’s Name Mentioned In Movie “Taken”

Thank you to gwenkiky for the heads up, apparently in the 2008 french thriller film, Taken, Gwen’s name is mentioned along with Beyonce’s. The characters were discussing karaoke. We are told it’s a great movie.

"Cool" Featured On Upcoming Sophia Coppola’s "Somewhere" Soundtrack

Exclaim — With the filmography of Sofia Coppola, the soundtracks are just as exciting as the movies. In fact, some would argue that they’re the only redeeming value of otherwise shoddy filmmaking. After all, when you have the likes of Kevin Shields or baby daddy/Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars in the fold, it’s hard not to […]

Fishbone Documentary "Everyday Sunshine" Featuring Gwen Debuts At LA Film Festival

As we reported before, Gwen was interviewed and makes an appearance in the upcoming documentary on the story of Fishbone, Everyday Sunshine, which debuts this weekend at the LA Film Festival. We personally cannot wait to see it — and if anyone is lucky to see it, give us the heads up please! Fishbone Soldier […]

Gwen Promos HBO AIDS Documentary Airing May 24

Thanks so much to Hannah for the news and Doormat for the images, Gwen will be appearing in an upcoming HBO documentary on AIDS premiering on May 24. Titled The Lazarus Effect, she teamed up with RED (whom she has worked with in the past), we’re not sure how extensive her role will be in […]

Rumor Patrol: Gwen Featured In Upcoming Fishbone Documentary?

Now this would be amazing! According to this website, Fishbone are releasing a new DVD, “Everyday Sunshine”, and will feature many of thier famous fans, and Gwen is a name they list. She is known to have been a fan since she was in high school, she actually used to ditch class to go see […]

Video: Raw Interview Footage With Gwen For "Mayor Of The Sunset Strip" Documentary

We just uploaded the raw interview footage with Gwen from back in 1996 and 1997 featured in the documentary Mayor of the Sunset Strip. She’s interviewed before hitting the stage for KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas back in 1997, then it shows footage before she hit the stage for KROQ’s Weenie Roast back in 1996. She’s […]

"Rich Girl" Ringtone Featured In New Movie "Confessions Of A Shopaholic"

Aww! This movie looks really cute anyways, but just wanted to let you know, apparently the main character in the movie, Rebecca, her ringtone is Gwen’s “Rich Girl.” Taken from Isla Fisher, also known as the girl most often mistaken for Amy Adams, is a talented comedic actress, which she proved in “Wedding Crashers.” […]