‘DREAMCAR’ Lyrics Transcribed and Added

We just wanted to mention that all lyrics from DREAMCAR have been transcribed from the album’s booklet and added to the site. The liner notes credit Davey, Tom, Tony and Adrian on all tracks and Davey took the reigns on the album’s lyrics. Click on the links below to access the lyrics and let us […]

Song Saturday: “Spiderwebs” (Repost)

For our TK20 section, we wanted to look back and share one of our Song Saturday posts featuring an inside look at No Doubt’s iconic track, “Spiderwebs”. During the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing retrospectives, fan favorites, tributes and much more in honor of Tragic Kingdom’s 20th anniversary. Let us know if you have […]

“Kings Never Die” Available Now; Confirmed Second Single

It’s here! “Kings Never Die”, Gwen’s latest and surprise collaboration with rapper Eminem included on the Southpaw soundtrack, was released today ahead of schedule on both iTunes and Google Play. Eminem has also confirmed that “Kings Never Die” is set to the second single from the soundtrack which has been rumored the last week or […]

“Shine” Lyric Video Included On ‘Paddington’ Blu-Ray Release

Though the song has still yet to be released, the lyric video for “Shine” is said to be included as part of the extras on the Paddington Blu-ray release out on April 28. Not only will the lyric video be included, but fans will also be able to own Gwen and Pharrell William’s exclusive special […]

Flashback Friday: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

It’s pretty surreal that Love.Angel.Music.Baby. was released on this day back in 2004 so we’re looking back at all of Gwen’s solo videos from the album, including a clip of “Serious” that is still unreleased. Which video was your favorite?

Complete Push and Shove Album Lyrics

First, a huge thank you to Intercope and the band for giving fans a first listen to the entire album via iTunes earlier this week. The time is finally here and we’re almost ready to officially celebrate. In the mean time, we’ve spent the last couple of days listening hard and transcribing all the lyrics […]

Push and Shove Album Sample Lyrics

We just wanted to mention that we’ve went ahead and transcribed lyrics from the preview clips from Push and Shove for all tracks. Of course, we don’t think all are 100% and we are missing the majority of the lyrics but we know we’re not the only ones listening and memorizing the songs already. 1. […]

“Push and Shove” Lyrics

Update These are the full lyrics verses the radio edit that was released. “Push and Shove” featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer (G. Stefani / T. Kanal / T. Dumont / R. Gordon / T. Pentz / D. Taylor / A. Rechtshaid) You can work it… Give it to me straight When you smooth operate […]

Tweets: “Next Week Will Have Some Big Things”

Tom shared early this morning that he thinks some “big things” will be happening next week while replying to fan whom asked if we would be getting any announcements soon. He also confirmed that possibly the lyrics to “Looking Hot” that were shared by NME were misheard (“I’m a ragamuffin”). The song also was also […]

“Settle Down” Lyrics

We’ve done our best! We’re still unsure what Gwen says during the breakdown of the song… Get-get-get in line and settle down Get-get-get in line and settle down Get-get-get in line and settle down What’s your twenty? (Do you copy?) Where’s your brain? (Do you copy?) Checking in to check you out Concerned about your […]

Download: “Settle Down” Chorus Audio And Lyrics

Okay! After cooling down after all the excitement of “Settle Down” this afternoon, I’ve made it back home and am back to work! We’ve added our take on the lyrics so far and have uploaded a .mp3 of the chorus. The clip did not disappoint and we can not wait to hear the full version […]

“Push And Shove” Lyrics… So Far

So, if you’re like us, you’ve been listening to the “Push and Shove” clip all morning trying to figure out lyrics. We’ve done our best, but wish we could get a closer look at the lyrics sheet! Feel free to help us out or tell us if you hear something different! We will keep updating […]

More Unreleased Song Titles Added To Lyrics Archive

Thanks to Paulo for finding and sharing with us! We have already had some unreleased song titles in our archive that were found on the ASCAP website (including “Criminal”, “Can’t Stop The Music”, etc.) and were leftover songs written from Gwen’s solo sessions, both Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and The Sweet Escape. I also was looking thru and […]

BREAKING NEWS: Entertainment Weekly Reveals Lyrics To “One More Summer” And “Settle Down”

HUGE thanks to Em for sharing with us! She gave us a couple hints to the new article out in Entertainment Weekly tomorrow. Apparently there are no new photos (major bummer concidering Tom said tehy were taking photos… maybe another “journalist”?), just a large photo from the 2009 tour a small one from the Kennedy […]