Harper’s Bazaar Icons and Wallpapers

Woah! It seems like forever since we’ve put together a new icons post. I’ve posted some new 100×100 icons from Gwen’s latest photo shoots with photographer Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar and have also uploaded a couple of really neat wallpapers sent into us by fan Jordan. Feel free to use as many as you […]

New Set Of ELLE UK Icons Added To The Gallery

UPDATE Thanks for the emails! More sizes coming soon! Just wanted to mention that we added 30 new avatars/icons from Gwen’s new shoot with ELLE UK magazine, they are all sized 100×100. Remember that we are always accepting donated graphics! Let us know if you have requests (or would like text added). More icons will […]

New Batch Of Gwen For L’Oréal Icons Added

Just wanted to mention that I added about 40 new icons (all sized 100×100) featuring Gwen’s L’Oréal photo shoots, including her commercial, behind-the-scenes and unreleased campaign to our gallery. Feel free to use them on your blogs, forums and whatever you use but please do not use them on your websites and claim as your […]

Icons Update: Gwen's 2000 Cosmo Girl Spread And 2009 Tour

(+15) and (+35) Just wanted to mention that I added a bunch of new icons (100×100) to our gallery that have been sitting on my computer for awhile. The first set comes from Gwen’s 2000 Cosmo Girl spread (one of our all-time favorites) and the second set comes from an awesome set of photos taken […]

New Tour Icons Added To Gallery

Just wanted to mention that I added over 40 new icons from the tour to our gallery this morning. If you use them on your sites, please credit back to BSO, if you use on forums or journals, no credit is necessary. Click here for the rest of the set!

HQ Gossip Girls Photos Added; New Wallpapers And Icons

Thanks to GG Media for uploading and sharing, we added high quality captures of the ND performance on the upcoming “Valley Girls” episode. We added them to the gallery and a made a few wallpapers for your desktop with them. They are sized 1280×800 at the moment, let me know if you would like a […]

New Donated Gwen Icons

Thanks so much to our good buddy Vanessa for donating a couple of new icons she made of the rare photos of Gwen from her 2004 Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. I added them to the gallery.

New Rock Steady Booklet Buddy Icons

I added a whole bunch of new AIM buddy icons (48×48) using the band’s 2001 Rock Steady booklet. You can use them on the forum as well. Click here for the rest of the set

New forum avatars

I added 100 new forum avatars that are sized 80×80 that you can use on the No Doubt Community and more! Click here for the rest of them! Let me know if you’re interested in donating to the gallery!

New icons

Added a bunch of new icons from a recent batch of photos I found on Flikr! It’s been awhile since I posted some, so enjoy! There are about 50 of them in the gallery. Click here for the rest of the set!

New icons

Added another bunch of new icons, mostly featuring Gwen, to the gallery. Hope you like them! More icons here

New icons

  It was cleaning out my computer day, so that of course means another batch of new icons. Enjoy, and all of the photos featured in the icons have also been added to the gallery as well. Click for more icons

Harajuku Lovers fragrance icons added; gallery update

      I made a bunch of new icons featuring the breathtaking Harajuku Lovers ad campaign. I also went ahead and added close to 50 photos of the Harajuku Girls at thier signings at Sephora and Bloomingdales. You can also find the ads in the gallery now as well as well as promo photos of […]

New icons and wallpapers

      Added new icons to our gallery of the band from various eras since it’s been awhile and I’ve had a bunch of cute pictures on my computer for awhile. Enjoy, you can find more located in the Doghouse. Click for more I also added a couple of new wallpapers as well!