Get to Know Team Gwen and How to Vote in the Live Playoffs

Before heading into the Live Playoffs on The Voice starting tomorrow, we wanted to take a look at Team Gwen ahead of the Coach’s Comeback, which has each team welcoming back one eliminated artist into the competition. You can also find ways to vote and follow Team Gwen heading into the Live Playoffs and we’ll […]

No Doubt Song Pack DLC Available Now For Rocksmith

Rocksmith fans! Ubisoft announced this afternoon that a new No Doubt song pack is now available as a DLC starting today. For $7.99, fans can download “Don’t Speak”, “Ex-Girlfriend” and “Spiderwebs” from either Steam or Xbox Live. Rocksmith 2014 is a new and interactive way to learn to play guitar by playing alongside tracks on […]

“Rich Girl” Included On Just Dance 2014

The new game in the Just Dance game franchise, Just Dance 2014, will feature Gwen’s “Rich Girl” included in the game as a danceable track! The game will be available for the WiiU, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 8 and will also be a launch title for the new Xbox One and […]

Breaking: No Doubt Settle Lawsuit with Activision

After years of battling Activision, the creators of Band Hero, in a lawsuit filed because of the use of their avatars being used throughout the game (which violated their contract and in terms made the band lose out on a lot of money that they are entitled to) has been settled out of court. This […]

No Doubt’s Attorney Talks Activision Lawsuit: “Band Lost Out On Millions”

Back in May, it was announced that No Doubt would be scheduled to appear in court this October as their case against Band Hero’s creators, Activision, to hopefully resolve a long-delayed trial. The band sued the company after Activision over the use of their avatars throughout the game — which was not in their contract […]

More From No Doubt’s Attorney On Band Hero Case; Band Will Appear in Court

Well it seems like the Activison case seems to be heating up already and it’s not scheduled to go before a jury till later this year. Since 2009, the band had pressed charges and moved to sue Band Hero creators, Activision, over the use of their avatars throughout the game — which was not in […]

Update On No doubt’s Case Against Band Hero

UPDATE No Doubt’s attorney has also come forward to talked to E! News about the upcoming trial later this year. “Now that the judge removed the last procedural hurdle Activision erected, No Doubt looks forward to a Los Angeles jury hearing how Activision treated the band,” No Doubt’s attorney, Bert Deixler, told E! News. An […]

Star Wars Kinect’s “Hologram Girl”

Woah. It’s been revealed that a version of Gwen’s “Hollaback Girl”, now “Hologram Girl”, is featured in the new Star Wars Kinect game, being released tomorrow. The song is included in Galactic Dance Off section of the game, where “Princess Leia and others enslaved by Jabba dance to modern songs remixed with Star Wars lyrics”. […]

No Doubt Included In Elle’s Best 10 Celebrity Based Video Games

No Doubt and Gwen have been included on Elle magaazine’s list of the best 10 celebrity based video games for their avatar appearance in Band Hero. As amazing as it is, many fans are aware of the lawsuit the band filed against ActiVision for breach of contract, meaning the game used their avatars more frequently […]

No Doubt Vs. Activision Scheduled For Trail In June

And it continues! As you may remember, No Doubt filed suit against Band Hero creators Activision back in November 2009 for breach of contract due to the game using the band’s likeness (avatars) through out the whole game, which they were not aware of. The band was under the impression that their characters would just […]

“What You Waiting For?” Included On New Game “Get Up And Dance”

While we are already anticipating the release for Just Dance 3 out on October 11 of this year (available on the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), but it seems that this isn’t the only dance game title that “What You Waiting For?” will be included in. It’s been revealed that the new game, Get […]

Video: “What You Waiting For?” Gameplay Footage From Just Dance 3

We found some official gameplay footage from the upcoming release Just Dance 3 video game that features “What You Waiting For?” The game will be available for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox on October 11, 2011. Looks like fun! It was announced this year at E3 that the track would be included in the hit […]

“What You Waiting For?” Being Included On Upcoming Just Dance 3 Game

Sony announced today at their E3 presentation that the upcoming installment of the popular game, Just Dance 3, will be released on October 11 of this year. And even better news? Gwen’s “What You Waiting For?” is included in the game! Not only will it be available for PlayStation3, but Wii and Xbox 360 will […]

Photos: Screen Caps Of No Doubt Videos On SingStar

Thank you so much to Monica for sharing with us, check out a couple screen caps of No Doubt’s videos used in PlayStation’s SingStar. There is a five pack available to download for $6.99 that includes: “Don’t Speak”, “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Just A Girl”, “Running” and “Hella Good.” You can check out more information here.

Harajuku You: Make Your Own Wicked Style Profile Pic

Harajuku Lovers just sent out a new promo for the new feature on the website where you can make your own Wicked Style girl into a profile pic for your Facebook! It’s super cute! “Style your own Harajuku doll using inspiration from the Wicked Style collection at Share your style on Facebook!” You can […]