Exclusive Photos: New Jingle G Fragrance

Huge thanks to our good friend Michele for sending into us, check out some exclusive up-close shots of the newest and final Harajuku Lovers fragrance, “Jingle G”. He picked up his from the Westfield Center in Stratford City (London) for 13 £.

New Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Jingle G” Now Listed On Sephora.com

UPDATE The fragrance is now available on sephora.com! Christmas has come early this year! Well, not quite, but the rumored to be last fragrance from the Harajuku Lovers line, “Jingle G”, is now listed on sephora.com. We are a little bummed if the rumors are true, but the line does seem to be going out […]

Final Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Jingle G” Hitting Stores In September

Wait! Oh no! Apparently the last ever fragrance from Harajuku Lovers, the upcoming “Jingle G”, will be hitting stores this Fall in time for Christmas. Well… this is news to us! I’m really curious as to why they are ending the fragrance line, it’s still very popular and seems to get better and better with […]

Exclusive: New Super G Fragrance Packaging And Bottle Photos

And here it is! Huge thanks to our friend Michele for sending into us! Check out some exclusive photos (don’t they look professional?) of the just released new limited edition fragrance from Harajuku Lovers, “Super G”! The fragrance is now available in stores in the UK (hitting the US we hear in early August), and […]

New Fragrance “Super G” Listed On Sephora’s Site

The time is almost here! Though it is not available yet, (site says item is not in stock) the newest fragrance from Harajuku Lovers, “Super G”, is now listed on sephora.com. It will come in one size, 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray, and retails for $45. The fragrance is said to hit stores and […]

Harajuku Lovers “Create A G” Available As Free Gift From Escentual

Slow news week here at BSO — thanks to Christina for sending into us, check out an awesome Harajuku Lovers “Create a G” doll that comes as a free gift with your order from escentual.com. It comes with a blank doll, markers and stickers and when you finish your design, you can upload it to […]

Confirmed: New “Super G” Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Coming In July

Well it’s true! We posted the story late last month that it was rumored of a new fragrance, “Super G”, coming soon from Harajuku Lovers, after showing up on eBay. Good news cause we think it’s super cute! The fragrance is hitting stores at the end of July and and apparently smells like wild pinnaple […]

Another Mystery Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Kind”

It’s getting weirder! Another fragrance “Kind”, which was apparently released with the Harajuku Lovers fragrance Snow Bunnies line in the winter of 2009. These are so strange. It’s rumored that they were samples made but never made it to distribution and others are saying that they are fakes. Owners of the fragrances mention that the […]

Photo: Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies “Pure” Fragrance?

Hmm… this is even weirder than the “new Super Hero G” fragrance we posted. Thanks to Chloe for sending into us — check out a photo of her new Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies “Pure” fragrance she purchased online from Japan. Wait, huh? Has anyone heard or has seen this before? We don’t want to call […]

Photo: New “Super G” Limited Edition Fragrance From Harajuku Lovers?

Wait… what! Thanks to Kierra for sending into us, has anyone heard about this? Looks like there is another limited edition fragrance from Harajuku Lovers being released by the looks of it, “Super G”! At this time unfortunately we have no other information on it, and honestly, it’s the first time we have heard of […]

“G Of the Sea” Hitting The UK On April 3

According to Sugar Scape, Harajuku Lovers’ newest fragrance, “G of the Sea”, is available in the UK on April 3. Fans can pick it up from The Perfurme Shop priced at £19.50.

Photos: “G Of The Sea” Packaging; Nylon Magazine Review

How cute! Thank you so much to merboi for sharing with us, check out the super sweet packaging for the new “G Of The Sea” Harajuku Lovers limited edition G fragrance. Sephora is now shipping out the perfume to those who ordered it. Nylon magazine also gave a nice rave review of the fragrance as […]

Photo: New “G Of The Sea” Promo

Cute! A promo for Harajuku Lovers’ new limited edition fragrance, G of the Sea, has shown up online! We love it! Get it on sephora.com now!

“G Of The Sea” Fragrance Now Available On Sephora

Good news and a little ahead of schedule! Thanks to Shana for the heads up, the new “G of the Sea” fragrance is now available on sephora.com! 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray retails for $45 and you can get a smaller bottle in a 0.34 oz Eau de Toilette Spray for $30. We heard […]

Update: “G Of The Sea” Fragrance Not Available Until End Of February

Thanks for Shana for the information, you may have noticed if you’ve tried to order the new “G of the Sea” fragrance it’s saying it’s unavailable. According to a rep from Sephora, the fragrance actually isn’t being released until the end of the month. We are still not certain if it will be hitting stores […]