Flashback Friday: VH1’s Behind The Music

For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s beloved VH1 Behind The Music special which aired in early 2000 to coincide with Return of Saturn‘s release. The whole band sat down with VH1 (including Eric Stefani), producers, Interscope executives and magazine writers that gave fans an in-depth look at the history of No […]

Tweets: Rare Photos Shared By Eric Keyes

Tony shared a few photos that were passed onto him by good friend Eric Keyes for fans to see. He posted a rare photo of Tony, Eric and Eric Stefani flying high on the Goodyear Blimp in September of 1993 (which is also featured in the Beacon Street Collection artwork) and one of the band […]

Rare Goodies Shared Today

Thank you to Eric Keyes and Tom for sharing some rare goodies this afternoon including the original No Doubt logo and sticker designed by Eric Stefani, a personal photo from Keyes’ collection of an early demo recording session in 1987 (for songs including “Get A Life”, “No Doubt”, “Everything’s Wrong” and “Showin’ Off”) and Tom […]

Happy Birthday Eric Stefani

Everyone at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all No Doubters would like to wish the incredible and co-founder of No Doubt, Eric Stefani, a very Happy Birthday! Eric is a very sweet man and we thank him for being such an amazing song writer and sharing so much with us over the years. […]

Photo: Rare Shot of Gwen and Eric From 1997

Thank you to Facebook user Anthony Lee Winn for sharing this great picture of Gwen and brother Eric in 1997! The caption says that the band were in Scotland for a music video festival. Such a wonderful and rare find.

Tumblr find: Rare photo of Gwen and Eric

We sure wish we had this yesterday as it was Eric’s 45th birthday! Thank you to Tumblr user joanapacheco for posting this super rare picture of Gwen and Eric celebrating the latter’s birthday way back in the day! We hope that Eric had a great time with his family celebrating such a huge milestone in […]

Gwen’s Tweets Featured on Yahoo’s! Welcome page

First and foremost, I would love to not only thank Jenny and the rest of the crew for such a warm welcome, but also for allowing me the honor of being on the BSO staff! I’m so, so thrilled! Now on to the news! When I logged onto to Yahoo! tonight I saw that our […]

Rare Old School Photos Surface

Wow! Huge thanks to our good friend Radley (and his neat Tumblr page) for sharing his link with us! Check out some amazing (and never-before-seen) rare old school photos of the band! The first two look like outtakes from a early 1987 photo shoot with the band including Eric Stefani, Tony Meade, Chris Webb, Jerry […]

Mystery Solved: “Big City Train” In 5/4 Time

Mystery solved! A few months ago we posted an unknown song from the band when they performed on the Ska Parade radio show in 1989. The wonderful Mr. Eric Stefani himself took the time to comment on our video and confirmed in fact that it was a version of “Big City Train”, performed in 5/4 […]

Eric Stefani Gives Us The Back Story On The Old School Logo

Eric Stefani recently took to his blog and gave us a little back story on how the old school famous No Doubt logo came about. He designed it himself back in 1990 for the band’s debut album, No Doubt, which was released in 1992. He based his cartoon logo design on the lettering and font […]