An Introspective Look at Gwen’s Brands

Back in March, Orange Coast magazine posted an interesting introspective on Gwen’s fashion brands (L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers and her fragrances) over the years and reached out to those close to her for answers. We all know that when Gwen first debuted L.A.M.B. in 2005 and it was a huge success with fans and fashion lovers […]

New Harajuku Hugs Fashions Coming August 9

Thank you to @KieraJuku94 for sharing a photo from the latest Build-A-Bear catalog that advertises a new line of Harajuku Hugs fashions coming exclusively to their stores August 9. Some of the new adorable items seem to have made their way on to the US official website already. Check them out!

New Harajuku Hugs Accessories in Stores Now

Cute! Harajuku Mini revealed that new fashions and accessories for Build-A-Bear’s Harajuku Hugs are available now. It seems like nothing new has hit the official site so we recommend checking out your local retail stores!

New Coming Soon

A new look has been launched at and it looks like all of the Harajuku empire (including Harajuku Lovers, Harajuku Mini and Harajuku Hugs) will all be accessible on this new website. We had a hunch something was up due to the “coming soon” logo that had been present on the website previously for […]

Gwen Shares Her Excitement for Harajuku Hugs

In a new article, Gwen says she is excited to share the new Harajuku Hugs collaborative line with Build-A-Bear (which debuted online in the UK yesterday). She says this is the first time the brand has designed clothes for stuffed animals and she hopes fans have fun mixing the styles together. Build-A-Bear was also thrilled […]

Harajuku Hugs Available Online Worldwide

Update: The Harajuku Hugs collection is now available online in the US! Good news! Build-A-Bear’s new collaboration with Harajuku Lovers, Harajuku Hugs, is now available online on the UK store. Fashionista Harajuku Hugs Panda and all her accessories are now listed on the website even including some other cuddly animals all dressed up.

Build-A-Bear’s Harajuku Twitter Party Jan. 17

Build-A-Bear have announced that they will be having a Harajuku Hugs Twitter Party on January 17 from 8:00-9:00 PM CST to celebrate the launch of the new Harajuku Hugs line! The online event will be hosted by Harajuku Hugs Panda and fans are invited to contribute in the Twitter Q&A session using the hashtag #HarajukuPanda, […]

More Photos of Harajuku Hugs and Prices

Last week we had shared news of a new collaboration between Harajuku Lovers and Build-A-Bear, Harajuku Hugs, which is scheduled to hit stores on January 18. The new exclusive stuffed animal collection includes “Harajuku Hugs Panda” (the other animals pictured above are just for accessory modeling purposes). The panda is super cute

Build-A-Bear’s Harajuku Hugs Debuting January 18

Oh, wow! It’s been announced that a new collaboration between Harajuku Lovers and Build-A-Bear, Harajuku Hugs, which features a new stuffed panda bear holding a mini G, will be debuting on January 18. There is no word yet on if the new line will be available both in-stores and online. Thank you to Brenda for […]