Instagram: Gwen’s Gorgeous Selfie; Message From The Webmaster

Gwen took to her Instagram tonight to share a new gorgeous selfie saying she misses her fans and wanted more contact. She seems to be working really hard behind the scenes and asks everyone to send her positive vibes. We love you, Gwen, and are always wanting and wishing the best for you, your projects […]

Gwen Featured In PNT’s Throwback Thursday

The Phoenix New Times have featured Gwen in their Throwback Thursday blog — and the press keeps coming! The blogger is a huge fan of Gwen and has been since the 90s and praises her attitude and style over the years. They feature videos and even even predicting the band to headline Coachella next year. […]

“Still Tracking… But Getting Close”

Tom shared a photo on his official site from the studio yesterday afternoon stating that he was still tracking guitars, but is getting close!

Band Scrapbook Featured On Tumblr

Huge thanks to Julie for sending into us! The Rookie Tumblr shared a post that features scans from the blogger’s 120 page No Doubt scrapbook back when they used to be a huge fan. I thought this was extra special cause I have a scrapbook/collages of my own that includes pretty much all of these […]

Photo: Today’s Pedalboard

Tom shared a new photo on his official site of his pedalboard that he’s using in the studio today. In the studio recording the forthcoming No Doubt album…

Photo: Tom’s New Toy

Tom just posted a photo of his new Gretsch electric guitar on his website. It’s beautiful, hopefully we get to see it in person!

Photo: Tom’s Back In The Studio

Tom posted a photo from the studio this afternoon! Tom Dumont — In the studio w No Doubt today

Photo: Tom Shares His New Guitar

Tom took to his official site today to show off his new guitar that he’s been expecting, saying he needs some “jangle” to one of the new album tracks. He also mentions how it plays like “butter.” Tom Dumont — There’s a song on the upcoming ND album that calls for some jangle. I hate […]

Tom Thanks Everyone For NAMM

Tom took the time to thank everyone that came out to visit and meet him at the NAMM event last weekend in Anaheim, California. Tom Dumont — Thanks to everyone who came out to say Hi at my NAMM show Takamine Guitars appearance last weekend. I really enjoyed meeting everyone… Thanks also to Lloyd and […]

Photo: Tom Shows Off Current Guitars

Tom took to his official site to show off his guitars that he’s been working with recently. He’s also expecting some new additions next week! Tom Dumont — Back in the studio with No Doubt this week. Pictured here is my current tool box: two Hamers and three Fenders. Looking to get one of Grover […]

Dianna Agron Blogs About No Doubt

Glee actress Diana Agron is a huge No Doubt fan! Yesterday she took the time to blog about the band and posted a special tribute to them. She mentions how both Return of Saturn and Tragic Kingdom helped her get through her youth (isn’t that the truth!) and how they are “staples” to her. Diana […]

Add Beacon Street Online On Google+

Thanks to Dave for setting us up — Beacon Street Online is now on the new Google+ network! If you are already on (limited sign ups are still happening but will be open to everyone soon, we will keep you posted!) add BSO to your circles to follow all of our latest updates, news and […]

Tom Shares A Photo Of His “Recording Palette”

Tom blogged a photo of a bunch of pedals he’s working with. Looks sweet! Can’t wait to hear the sounds he’s coming up with!

Tom Wants You To Follow Him On Rdio

Tom has updated his personal website asking fans to follow him on Rdio, a new music site/app that is completely legal and you can listen to all the music you want. He mentions that his brother is now working for the company. Some of Tom’s recent additions to his music collection include Madness, Paramore, Beyonce […]

Teen Vogue Writer Blogs About Gwen And Shares Her Favorite Looks

This little girl is so cute and super talented, and we think she rocks just due to the fact that she loves Gwen of course. Tavi recently interviewed Gwen for the February issue of Teen Vogue (on newsstands now!) during the L.A.M.B. fittings at Fashion Week last September. The Style Rookie — I stopped at […]