Video: Nylon Set Interview with No Doubt

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Nylon has shared a new video interview with No Doubt on the set of their latest photo shoot. It’s really cool and we get to see more footage from the day. But wait, did they really just spell Tony’s last name as “Kunal”. Oh, Nylon… but thanks for the cool photos and interview.

Click here to see photos from the magazine and photo shoot. We’ll try and get some screen captures up from this video cause the shoot footage is gold.

5 Replies to “Video: Nylon Set Interview with No Doubt”

  1. Aw this photoshoot + interview are my favourite from this era. They look so young and proud and inspired! They’re the voice of our generation, I’m getting emotional lol

  2. The close up of all those docs was fab!!! Imagine having those kind of choices for shoes every day??

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