Poll: What Era Had The Best Overall Style?

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Our poll of the day is simple: what era did No Doubt have the best overall style? And we’re not just asking about clothing and hair… we mean attitude, too! We have it broken up into six categories: pre-Tragic Kingdom (anything before the album was released), Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn, Rock Steady, post-Rock Steady (including The Singles era) and Push and Shove (you could also include the 2009 summer tour portion since the styles have been pretty similar). Each era brought something new, exciting and fresh to the table but we all relate and have different opinions on each. Please vote for you favorite and feel free to discuss. Thank you for voting — these polls are pretty fun!

13 Replies to “Poll: What Era Had The Best Overall Style?”

  1. Really hard to choose. Have to go with ‘Push and Shove’; for being the latest it summarizes everything ND has even been and done. They are always fresh.

  2. This poll is confusing for me because when I think of “style” I think of clothing and hair, not attitude.

    Tragic Kingdom is my favorite. The docs, the bindi, bondage pants, wife beaters…I ate it all up as a teen girl! And of course Adrian is the reason I got interested in the band. The moment I saw him in his goth makeup and devil horned hair on MTV’s Spring Break 96 I was in love!

    Return of Saturn is technically their best era of style even though TK is my favorite. I didn’t appreciate the pink hair until much later and her clothes were retro and fabulous!

    Least favorite is Rock Steady. I didn’t care for the fake hair and I didn’t like most of her clothes either. The thongs, sock gloves, the gaudy RS rings, etc. Ick. Now in terms of “attitude”, RS was the best era with that. They were having SO much fun.

  3. Amanda, haha, sorry about that! I tried to make it a little more broad than just clothing but I can understand why it’s a tough question.

    And I totally agree about the ROS era. I mean, at the time I loved the pink hair, but I think I’m a little obsessed with it more nowadays. Gwen took a lot of risks in that era (the cornrows, bum flaps were born, really thin eyebrows, etc.) but she pulled them all off flawlessly.

  4. And her makeup was so good during ROS! Everything just flowed so well together! The style and color of her clothes, the pink hair, shoes, makeup. I know it was based off of her TK style and Blondie, but it just worked so well for her!!

  5. Rocksteady featured Gwen wearing the ugliest pants ever. all those high water goucho pants with horrible patterns. hell no.

  6. AGAIN! very hard to vote because it’s like voting on 80s stuff right now. I really like each era and seeing them grow. I love this era right now but I really like seeing Gwen with her hair down. I even like certain parts of her solo days …. it’s too hard to choose but they are always looking HOT!

  7. Push and Shove is my favourite style for ND but I also like TK the best, TK wasn’t to glamorous but wasn’t to trashy, it was just right, boys and girls can like it

  8. Seriously love every style Gwen and the boys have rocked.

    Buuut, God this is difficult! I don’t have any eras of style I disliked, but so many vying for first place. I MIGHT have to go with RoS because I LOVE that she matched these really outlandish, colorful clothes and pink hair with chola girl style make-up, hoop earrings and corn rows. . . A really fresh and original style for a front woman in a rock band. But all of them are perfect.

  9. Push and Shove has the worst style because i feel Gwen has gotten lazy. im sooooo sick of the SAME hair-do shes been wearing live since the 2009 summer tour!!! she hasnt tried to have a new look with this era at all. except for the long straight hair she wore at the KROQ concert and for a couple interviews.

    But for me when it comes to style ADRIAN has the best during every era! id KILL for his closet!!!

  10. Rock Steady is definitely my favorite. I love its mix of California surfer punk, reggae dancehall and glitzy hip hop, which bode really well with the album’s eclectic mood and with the pop landscape at that time. I like how Gwen transitioned her ghetto-friendly image from her video with Eve into something much more quirky and unpredictable; she started her collaboration with Andrea Lieberman at this time and I might say her style took a U-turn here. I loved the haphazard ways she played with textures and accesories, which even though bordered on ghetto-glam, was never really trashy, always cool. Besides she looked the sexiest and toughest ever here.

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