More Photos: New Harajuku Mini Line


Here is a photo of some toddler boy’s pants — notice Zuma’s birth date? Also, it’s also been noticed that Gwen’s face no longer is featured on the Harajuku Mini clothing tags.

Well I guess it’s safe to say that the newest inspiration behind the latest installment of Harajuku Mini (scheduled to hit all Target stores December 25) is nautical! We see lots of anchors, stripes, mermaids and L.A.M.B. inspired rasta chain links! It’s so cute! I think this collection might be a little cuter than the last, might! So far we haven’t seen any of the boys looks yet, just toddler and young girls. We will show you once we get photos of more items. Just in time for Holiday shopping! What are some of your favorite looks so far? Huge thank you to WordsfromKinger for sending in her exclusive photos into us!

Click here and here to see even more looks from the new line!

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  1. I guess the one pair of boys pants didnt send. There is “pirate pants” that are an old HL print with a sea number of 0821, which is Zumas birthday on the back. Also an off black sweatshirt for boys in the same star print.

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