Harajuku Mini Hints At Its Return on Facebook (Updated)


Harajuku Lovers has shared that the fall 2014 line of Harajuku Mini will be available on BuyBuy Baby online and in stores soon! They promise to share more details soon, too. Nothing wasn’t mentioned about the line returning to Target yet.

It looks like this fall parents can expect a fun #modsandrockers theme along with fun designs and patterns. Very cute!

Harajuku Mini fans! Harajuku Lovers has updated its Facebook page with a new header and caption “Mini’s BACK! Stay tuned for more info…” revealing the return of the baby, toddler and tween line, Harajuku Mini!

The line has been noticeably absent this spring and will hopefully in time for back to school or the upcoming holiday seasons.

We’ll keep everyone updated on the latest!

7 Replies to “Harajuku Mini Hints At Its Return on Facebook (Updated)”

    1. I was wondering if the HL brand itself is getting a re-launch, too. I heard that the limited holiday tees did pretty well. I would love a new line of bags, too!

  1. Yup, the cartoon is a means to revitalize the entire harajuku lovers brand… I wish they release unisex hoodies n vinyl toys 🙂

  2. Yea I would like to see some guy’s clothing, or at least some standard t-shirts that aren’t “baby doll” cut.

    I’ll wear a mermaid shirt… It just needs to fit properly haha

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