Harajuku Mini For Target’s Pride Month

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This is really neat! Dave had texted me a few days ago about seeing this in the latest Target newsletter for team members — it seems like Harajuku Mini and Target are collaborating on items for their annual Pride Month merchandise! Soon a custom t-shirt (hopefully more!) will be available exclusively on Target.com and certain team member stores between May 27 – June 30! I’ll ask Dave to keep his eyes out for anything and we will let you know when more info becomes available! This is such a neat collaboration and can’t wait to see what comes from it! All proceeds from the sales are donated. Thank you Gwen Stefani Fan for the photo!

He sent me a text of the blurb about in from the magazine:

From beach towels and water bottles to a Harajuku Mini T-shirt with the design shown at right, Pride Month merchandise exclusive to Target will be available May 27 – June 30 at Target.com and team member Bullseye Boutiques. Target will donate 100% of the profits from merchandise sales.

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