DREAMCAR Named One of the Best Things at Coachella

Photo courtesy of Andy Keilen/Rolling Stone

DREAMCAR received a really nice write-up in Rolling Stone after this weekend’s show at Coachella and were listed as one of the magazine’s best things they saw at the festival. The excerpt praised them and their confidence to win the audience over which they did having little exposure until recent weeks. We’re also really loving the photos surfacing from the band’s initial visit to the Coachella grounds earlier this month — they look so incredibly cool and ready to rock.

The band was also featured on the New York Times fashion blog for their smart style. DREAMCAR has been getting rave reviews so far on the road and we’re really excited to see the hype gaining for their new project and album.

In case you missed it, check out highlights from the band’s Coachella performance during weekend 1 here. The band will be back next weekend for another set in the same Gobi stage time slot at 7:15PM PST.

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