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And our results are in! Thousands of votes were counted all this week while we asked you what your favorite album, video, tour, style and potential single were in some fun polls. And here are what you’ve picked as your favorites! Thank you to all that voted, spread the news and contributed! We really appreciate all of the support we get here on the fansite and feel truly blessed and inspired for our following. With our 14th birthday coming up, we wanted to have some fun activities around here (which also helps with some of the downtime with the band, too). Below are the results: the winner and two runners up. Please let us know how you think they turned out and thanks again for taking part in the vote!

What was the best single that never was?

Putting this poll together was pretty tough. It was hard not to pick my personal favorites so I went with songs that are notable fan picks and tracks that the band brings back (or has in the past more than others) on tour. I asked fans to enter in their own choice if I didn’t provide it in the poll so every vote and submission is reflected below. What did you pick as the song that No Doubt should have releases as a single?
Your top pick: “Don’t Let Me Down”
Runners up: “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “End It On This”

What is your favorite No Doubt music video?

We all have our personal favorites and that is why these results were all pretty close. A slight disclaimer about this vote is why we didn’t include in the “Looking Hot” video. The band (at this time) does not acknowledge the video for the late single in their catalog so we chose not to add it. We do appreciate those submitted votes, however. And what video did you vote as the fan favorite? The winner seems to have a little from each era that we all knew and loved.
Your top pick: “Running”
Runners up: “New” and “Simple Kind of Life”

What tour would you go back and see?

No Doubt is one of the best live bands, like ever, and their tours have been memorable for so many for different reasons. We asked if you could travel back (or future even) to see the band live during a certain era, which would you choose? This vote had a pretty clear winner — whether you missed the tour because you were too young or wanted to relive it again. Can you guess which tour came out on top? Thankfully for us we can re-watch Live in the Tragic Kingdom over and over.
Your top pick: Tragic Kingdom
Runners up: Return of Saturn and Pre-Tragic Kingdom

Rock Band No Doubt

What era had the best style?

It seems like this was the hardest one for you! No Doubt’s style has always changed and evolved over the years (just like their music) but they’ve always stayed true to themselves. And we always have the familiar houndstooth, checkers and rasta influences to look forward to. So we asked, what era had the best overall style. Gwenabees can remember the bindis, pink hair, Docs and bondage pants like it was yesterday. Which style is the most memorable over the years?
Your top pick: Tragic Kingdom
Runners up: Rock Steady and Return of Saturn

What is your favorite No Doubt album?

We knew this question was pretty tough going into it cause it’s hard to pick just one. All of No Doubt’s music is special to us for so many reasons whether you relate to the lyrics, the music just rocks or it brings back memories. A surprising winner came out on top over the obvious favorite. Can you guess which one? It’s one that I personally feel doesn’t get the recognition it has always deserved over the years.
Your top pick: Return of Saturn
Runners up: Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady

The results breakdown: Some results might be slightly off due to rounding percentages.

What was the best single that never was?

Get On The Ball — 1%
Move On — 3%
Sometimes — -1%
Total Hate — 5%
Greener Pastures — 4%
By The Way — -1%
Doghouse — -1%
Happy Now? — -1%
Different People — 12%
The Climb — -1%
End It On This — 13%
Tragic Kingdom — -1%
Magic’s In The Makeup — 15%
Artificial Sweetener — -1%
Too Late — 1%
Comforting Lie — 4%
Beauty Contest — -1%
You’re So Foxy — 1%
Making Out — 2%
Don’t Let Me Down — 16%
Start The Fire — -1%
In My Head — -1%
Platinum Blonde Life — -1%
Waiting Room — -1%
Rock Steady — 5%
New Friend — -1%
One More Summer — 7%
Push and Shove — 1%
Easy — 3%
Undone — -1%
Sparkle — -1%
Heaven — -1%
Dreaming The Same Dream — -1%

What is your favorite No Doubt music video?

Trapped in a Box — 1%
Just a Girl — 2%
Spiderwebs — 2%
Don’t Speak — 4%
Excuse Me Mr. — 2%
Sunday Morning — 9%
Oi to the World — 1%
New — 14%
Ex-Girlfriend — 4%
Simple Kind of Life — 13%
Bathwater — 2%
Hey Baby — 3%
Hella Good — 3%
Underneath It All — 10%
Running — 15%
It’s My Life — 7%
Settle Down — 2%
Push and Shove — 6%

What tour would you go back and see?

Early Days — 9%
Pre-Tragic Kingdom — 12%
Tragic Kingdom — 37%
Return of Saturn — 18%
Rock Steady — 9%
The Singles — 2%
Summer Tour (2009) — 7%
Push and Shove — 6%

What era had the best style?

Pre-Tragic Kingdom — 2%
Tragic Kingdom — 28%
Return of Saturn — 22%
Rock Steady — 26%
Post-Rock Steady — 7%
Push and Shove — 15%

What is your favorite No Doubt album?

No Doubt — 8%
The Beacon Street Collection — 8%
Tragic Kingdom — 25%
Return of Saturn — 36%
Rock Steady — 11%
Everything In Time — 2%
Push and Shove — 10%

7 Replies to “BSO’s Fan Favorites Poll Results”

  1. I want to know what everyone’s favorite No Doubt song is, including and then not including the singles….. Seems odd this was not a poll…..Maybe too many options for the poll to handle?

    Also Thanks for all the hard work over here through these years, the polls were fun!


  2. The only poll result I am surprised by is “Running” for best video. I think the band has released much better ones like “Its My Life” or “Simple Kind of Life” or even “Settle Down.”

  3. I missed the poll but I definitely would have said You’re So Foxy for the single that never was! In the sleeve notes for everything in time they said it was originally written as a potential single even though in the end it didn’t even make ROS… I think it would have been a brilliant single!! But I’m loving how evenly matched most of these results are!

  4. Now that’s a great idea for a poll! Which b-side should have been on an album?! I love New Friend. I would have put that on RS and taken off Waiting Room or Detective.

  5. Oh wow I love the b-side idea, what about best old skool unreleased track!? WHERES YOUR LOVIN!!!!? I tried to learn that song on guitar, but I have no idea what he’s doin on that track….Killer song tho!

  6. More polls will be coming soon! I really enjoyed having the poll week so another one is scheduled soon and I like your ideas!

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