Poll: Would You Like Another Solo Album?

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Though she has stated several times in the past that her solo days are over, would you love for Gwen to release another album on her own? We all know her heart is with the band (rightfully so!) and that No Doubt have plans for another album together, but nobody can deny the amazingness that came out of her during that time so we’re curious what everyone thought. If so, who would you like to see her work with?

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41 Replies to “Poll: Would You Like Another Solo Album?”

  1. I voted “NO”, but I’m curious. Gwen said she wouldn’t release another solo record. I respect it and I think she’s much happiest with the band.

  2. I wouldn’t want to put pressure on Mrs Gwen to do anything she doesn’t want to do . She has accomplished so much so for. I would be happy to Know that she is well off and happy with her family, comfortable in her life and generally at peace. My humble opinion..

  3. I just want all the unreleased tracks from the LAMB and Sweet Escape era. I still want Candyland, the original Breaking up, and Parental Advisory.

  4. I agree with BLUEBLUE. I want to hear all the stuff we didn’t get to from the first two albums. I also agree with .ROB because she’s a busy woman and has a family to care for which comes first. Even if another ND album doesn’t come out for another 5 years- I’d be ok with that. Especially because that would give me time to save $$ for my concert ticket. lol. ESPECIALLY since they tore down the amazingly awesome venue “Gibson Amp” I’m sure tickets will be pretty pricey.

  5. WOAH. Hot topic… I love ND and as the article says her heart is with the band just like the rest of us. I loved L.A.M.B. and some of The Sweet Escape. I would honestly love to see her to a really modern dance album that would be big in clubs. But the real question is whether No Doubt are all this motivated or not. No Doubt comes first. If ND really don’t have steam left in them, then seeing Gwen sing on tracks made my a whole bunch of different producers who ARE inspired would be great. But again, only ND come first.

  6. I think she should AT LEAST do another guest drop on a song. Like a Calvin Harris, Zedd, Diplo or even a hip hop or pop singer. That would be dope

  7. If she wanted to do another one I’d be happy. Even if she just decided to make this one a covers album (which would save song writing time for ND), I’d definitely be excited. I’d really like the Sweet Escape tour video to be released, though. It can’t be lost forever…

  8. she hasn’t affirmed that she wont, she said ” i don’t know” or “who knows” but anyway she has changed so much since she is mother… so i dont think she gonna do it

  9. She’s at her best as the ND frontwoman. Before any possibility of more solo albums, I would like ND to release a couple more albums (along with the acompanying tours) beforehand; ND comes first.

    If she were to do another solo album in the future, it would be neat if it was something completely different from the previous ones, something experimental and rock-oriented, because that would be cool.

  10. Only if she actually wants to follow through with it and put in the effort to promote it correctly and rehearse for the live performances. I can’t deal with more heavy-breathing, flat notes and dead eyes during the performances anymore.

  11. Her solo career was amazing and she was very happy during this time. But it’s over, guys. Seriously. She said that. Not to mention that we are waiting the possible No Doubt’s record. I love Gwen in all forms, but she “matches” more with the band than with solo. But a record of b-sides & rarities would be great. But she don’t need to return to the solo career. Just only release on iTunes.

  12. “She’s at her best as the ND frontwoman. Before any possibility of more solo albums, I would like ND to release a couple more albums (along with the acompanying tours) beforehand; ND comes first.”

    Totally agree, ESSY! x

  13. I would love for Gwen to appear on loads of tracks which were massive in the charts, she’s such a household name and would obviously be recognised straight away by the people and the charts!!!! It would be fab; though at the same time I’d love for No Doubt to produce an incredible album and this they probably will but whether it will be successful or not will be a different story… I want chart success for them all!

  14. I wouldn’t mind see her collaborate with other pop chicks: lady gaga, Britney, jlo, pink, Katy n even pharrell… Collabs with Gwen will only help No Doubt in the long run (ie Rocksteady) she shouldn’t limit herself. Besides most them pop girls have been influenced n been vocal about their desire to work with Gwen.

  15. I’d love her to make another solo record and I definitely think it’s gonna happen at some point. She never said “no” to more solo stuff and even if she did… this is Gwen, she changes her mind a lot.

    I’ll always prefer ND, but her solo stuff was amazing and she seemed to be really into it. Why not?

  16. all politics aside. i would LOVE for Gwen to make another solo album. I love the idea she had of a dance record. i’d love her to make a crazy 80’s dance record full of synths!!!! pls Gwen do it!!!

  17. @JXSXPX Wow harsh much? I saw them live during the P&S era in Paris and my mind was blown. Gwen killed it. They still got it.

    1. Paris was the beginning of the promo. Do you remember how all over the place the Looking Hot performances were? She was huffing and puffing in-between lines, was vocally flat every time and looked super bored. A little harsh? Perhaps. But it was obvious since the album/single were flopping that she wasn’t into it.

      It feels like only Tom and Adrian are anymore. Tony and Gwen don’t seem hungry for it.

  18. I’m sure a solo career would be easier for her, but I say a big NO. She is much better with No Doubt and it was always “wrong” to me without the boys behind her. But I agree with Jeff that she should guest on another artists track just to get her name out there again on the charts. Especially before ND releases another album. One reason RS was so big is because of her Eve and Moby hits before it.

  19. Didn’t Martin Solveig say at one point that Gwen was his dream person to work with? I think it would be a great idea to guest on a couple of tracks before another ND album comes out.

    1. A feature is a great idea. It worked wonders for RS. There’s a lot of different options too.

      Any of the big DJs (except for David Guetta. No ma’am.) would be great. I know this won’t be a popular statement, but doing a song with Katy Perry would really put them back on the map and generate a lot of interest in Gwen/ND’s work. If they could time a big feature spot and their next single/album right, it would keep them visible and keep people interested. Hence, more people would buy the product. Win-win all around.

  20. Ugh…anyone but Katy! I think Eminem would be cool since at one point he was a fan of the band. What about Avicii? Pink would be awesome too.

  21. I know but Katy Perry is obscenely popular, has worked with them before, and is on friendly terms with them. I think they’re on the same label as well. It’s very smart from a business standpoint. Even if her work is…dubious. It could just be some fun, campy girl power anthem.

  22. As long as another No Doubt album comes first I’m fine with another solo album. people implying that another solo album is likely are ignoring the many times Gwen made it clear in numerous interviews that her solo career is over and never releasing another one. I think it’s possible but not likely. If Gwen did another solo album I hope she doesn’t do any 80s dance or urban influenced music because she’s already done that a lot and I’d like to hear something different. It would be cool if Gwen did like Snoop Lion did and go to Jamaica make a 100% Reggae album. I know Gwen has done Reggae influence here and there but she’s never done a whole album that was 100% pure Reggae. And that would also help her stand apart from all the other pop dance singers.

    Another idea I had is if Gwen did collaborations instead of another solo album it be awesome if she did vocals on rock albums with A.F.I or 311 or the band Rancid. But I wonder if No Doubt or Gwen is so deep into the pop world that bands like those are beneath them.

  23. Well I think at this stage a solo album from Gwen would have to be much better than ND’s Push and Shove album which I thought was just terrible.
    I loved Gwen’s solo stuff.

  24. @sue It has always bothered me that No Doubt has been around about the same amount of time as 311, yet No Doubt only released 6 albums with an occasional tour but 311 has released around 12 albums and tours every year. What helped me make sense of it is at least No Doubt makes higher quality albums and put on better shows, where half of 311 albums are just okay on the other half great and even they tour more often their shows aren’t as fun as No Doubts.

    But with 311 I don’t mind an occasional bad album or shows aren’t as good because I know they’ll be consistent with an album every 2 years and touring every summer. With all this considered is why I was so disappointed with Push and Shove and the lack of a real tour because if No Doubt is not going to be as consistent with albums and touring they should at least put out higher quality music.

  25. Yes Travis what you are saying makes a lot of sense and yes Push and Shove was a great disappointment for me also especially given that we waited soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long for it’s release.
    Also given the number of years that ND have been around 6 albums is quiet sad really.

  26. I’m into reggae lately so that would be awesome for ND or Gwen to mix it with their early 90’s rock/punk sound like they used to do. They really need to say shove it to pop and ROCK again.

  27. Yes!!! Amanda G I’ve been wondering after noticing Tony attending A.F.I 311 Sublime with Rome and Rancid shows recently if that has inspired him at all. That would be so cool if No Doubt did a modern twist on the old Reggae and Punk sound.

    To me what made older ND so good and legends like The Clash, Sublime and Bob Marley so good is their sounds were powerful yet didn’t over do it with a ton of affects and overproduction. It was simple yet energetic. Less is more philosophy. And if No Doubt could return to that concept than they’ll win back a lot of fans.

  28. I don’t have much of a clue what the future holds for Gwen or No Doubt. I think the reality is there may not be any more albums either way. They may decide to focus on other passions such as producing for others or Gwen may go more wholeheartedly into fashion. They are at the age where it’s iffy at best to have a full fledged top charting act. And it’s not just their decision…it’s also a question of a label being supportive, and I didn’t see that they were supportive enough in the latest venture.

  29. I have pondered that too Evon, but the small positive side of me thinks we’ll see one more album before they turn 50. I’ve been hoping they would return to the studio now that their summer vaca is over and the kids are back in school, but alas…nothing. Sigh. I just don’t understand what happened to the momentum from earlier this year.

    I agree Travis, which is why I always return to their older stuff. So much energy. They could really get the crowd going. Gwen was a genius.

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