New Listen: Tragic Kingdom (Alternate Versions)

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For the second installment of our “New Listen” feature, we’re providing an alternate version of the Tragic Kingdom album which includes demos, early takes, live and acoustics. The album appears in full below with a new take!

Live versions of both “You Can Do It” and “End It On This” have been added since we’re still digging for special versions of these two songs.

We hope you’re enjoying the “New Listen” feature and it’s a lot of fun rediscovering old favorites and files that I hadn’t listened to in years. Please keep your suggestions coming for next time!

“Spiderwebs” (Demo Version)

“Excuse Me Mr.” (Acoustic Early Version)

“Just a Girl” (Demo Version)

“Happy Now?” (Acappella Warm-Up 1996)

“Different People” (Demo)

“Hey You” (Acoustic Version)

“The Climb” (Demo)

“Sixteen” (Demo)

“Sunday Morning” (Acoustic Version)

“Don’t Speak” (Throw It Out To The Birds) (Early Acoustic Version)

“Don’t Speak” Early Version (Acoustic)

“You Can Do It” (Extended Live Version 1997)

“World Go ‘Round” (Early Rehearsal Version)

“End It On This” (Live 1997)

“Tragic Kingdom” (Early Live Version 1993)

The last installment featured a “new listen” with live versions of The Beacon Street Collection.

6 Replies to “New Listen: Tragic Kingdom (Alternate Versions)”

  1. Awesome, you mentioned my acoustic version of “Sunday Morning”! It’s one of my favorites! I’ll have to start uploading more of my audio!

  2. WOW GREAT POST! Holy shit, I had no idea so many demos from TK we’re out already. Not sure how I missed that.. I love that Happy Now version so much its crazy. Oh man how about a ND acapella album? I wonder what else we can find for End it on this and World go round..

  3. Wouldn’t be great to hear The Climb…LIVE! No Doubt is completely underestimated. Best band ever. Just good quality music.

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