New Content and Updates (Updated)


During this downtime, I’m continuing to focus on cleaning-up and revamping the site’s content while offering new and exciting originals to No Doubters. I’ve been working on a lot of things, including updating our Tour and Setlist Archive, Videography and Landmarks sections, and changing our menus.

I also just wanted to thank everyone again for their continued support and creative ideas sent our way lately! While No Doubt is taking this time to focus on things outside of music, I appreciate all of the fans’s feedback and love for the site. I will admit that over the past year or so BSO has become more of a routine (partly due to lack of news updates) and less of why I originally started my fansite so many years ago. I’m trying now to steer the site in more of a database and resource for the band and feature less filler updates. I also wanted to share that we are working on a brand new layout too for Beacon Street Online that my team and I can’t wait to update with it soon!

Thank you and enjoy!

  • I’ve revamped our menu which now includes an ‘Originals‘ section which features our original content including our weekly features all in one place (Flashback Fridays, Song Saturdays, New Listens and Polls). You can also find a direct link to the Push and Shove Wiki put together by us.


  • The ‘Tours‘ section has been modified to include direct links to our live audio, photos and videos.


  • Our Tour and Setlist Archive has been updated with live photos to correspond with the matching years to make searching easier. Flyers and photo links are also being added (work in progress).


  • Both the Commercials and Videography sections have been updated and now features embedded videos for all (depending on availability) to make your experience more enjoyable.


  • Most of our informational content has finally been overhauled! Though the biographies section is currently under construction (we’re updating and revamping!), you can now check out cleaned up versions of our Band Member History, Fanmail, Links and Rare Facts. The Events calendar is back and you can expect an in-depth section on each of band’s side projects (including fashion labels and different artists the band has worked and collaborated with).


  • We’ve also revamped and updated our Landmarks section with photos and directions on how to locate must-sees in southern California. Also check out our new Displays and Exhibits section which features mostly exclusive photos of different No Doubt memorabilia which is and has been on display around the world.




  • Our new About No Doubt section is now live! Check out updated biographies for Gwen, Tom, Tony, Adrian, Gabe and Steve!
  • 11 Replies to “New Content and Updates (Updated)”

    1. That’s one of my favorite pictures of her 😉 Thanks for still putting 100% into the site even though the band is pretty much non-existent right now.

    2. Enjoyed reading the “Did you know” section. You should add that Gwen auditioned for the role of Kay Lake in The Black Dahlia, but lost out to actress Scarlett Johansson.

    3. By far and away the best no doubt site. Thanks so much for everything! I have checked this site daily for years and years and we would be lost without it!

    4. Gwen actually auditioned for The Black Davila the one with Josh Hartnett need proof of this? Its in the Vogue article from 2004…

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