3rd Anniversary of ‘Push and Shove’

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Photo courtesy of Interscope/No Doubt
Photo courtesy of Interscope/No Doubt

Today marks the third anniversary of the domestic release of No Doubt’s latest album, Push and Shove. The album spawned three singles including “Settle Down”, “Looking Hot” and “Push and Shove”.

Push and Shove debuted with impressive numbers at #3 on the Billboard charts and was promoted with highly anticipated performances at the Teen Choice Awards, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. While No Doubt have yet to tour the album, the band held a special string of shows at the former Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in late 2012 where they debuted a few more tracks from the album live for the lucky concert goers. The band continued to treat fans this past year with an electric version of “Sparkle” as well as “Settle Down” and “Push and Shove” on their festival tour.

Fans voted “Push and Shove” their favorite song from the album followed by “Dreaming The Same Dream” and “One More Summer”.

For all things Push and Shove, make sure to check out our Wikia page on the album.

14 Replies to “3rd Anniversary of ‘Push and Shove’”

  1. Yesterday I was listening to this album and songs such as Easy, Undone, Undercover, and Dreaming The Same Dream sound so powerful. I think those could have been some sleeper hits. Anyway it’s such a waste some of these songs are not even being used on soundtracks. It’s a special album, honestly. So fucking underrated.

  2. when it first came out, only the first half of the album and Sparkle was really stand out to me from the rest of the song. but it really grew on me a lot and it’s now becomes one of their best album imo. DTSD, Undone & Heaven is really fricking good. especially DTSD is full on New Wave with the most raddest outro i have ever heard from them.

  3. awww, memories. i was so excited about this album coming out, i became a fan during G solo era so had never experienced a new release, and was looking forward to seeing them live finally.
    unfortunately still not seen them live and probably never will now 🙁

    the video for settle down still gives me goosebumps at the beginning

  4. This is by far the better No Doubt album when compared to such albums as RockSteady and No Doubt. My personal favorites list is:

    Beacon Street, Push and Shove, Return of Saturn, Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt, RockSteady. In my opinion RockSteady was extremely mainstream and contained no personality at all. I do still have favorites from that album and I still appreciate it, but it never comes out of hiding in my collection to make an appearance on my playlists.

    You know to only receive 6 albums in 30 years is sort of a slap in the face…most artists release music every 2 years. While I understand the creativity process…..I mean…???

  5. I thought it was a good album. I can see why a lot of fans were disappointed though. Its pale in comparison to their older albums. Every song is commercial sounding. I still wish they would perform Heaven, Undercover and Undone! I doubt they ever will though.

  6. “Push and Shove” is one of my favorite no doubt songs ever actually. Looking Hot is amazeballz too (I mean, that bridge tho!!) and I think the whole video controversy was ridiculous. Love the album and want more

  7. Although is wasn’t No Doubt’s best work/my favourite sound of their’s, I still love P&S and think its a better album than Rock Steady imo tbh. I love DTSD the lyrics are sooo touching and the song is great, I really hope its performed live someday.

    And Do*Well*Doubt*Not I agree, I think it was that controversy that marked the beginning of the end for the P&S era, unfortunately. 🙁

  8. It’s not their best work and it certainly has its flaws, but I enjoy many of the songs. Heaven, Undercover, and Easy are my favorites. I’m still upset that we will probably never hear most of these songs live.

  9. So mediocre, soulless, forced and overproduced: that’s Push & Shove. Any song from this album had potential to become in a really great song BUT… the band felt the obsessive need to make those songs sound like bubblegum overproduced catchy pop crap without real instrumets (you can barely hear real instruments here) and the final result was: awful. In the other hand, there are good songs like Sparkle, Undercover, Looking Hot or even Undone and DTSD. The rest are just “catchy” songs. Come on, Easy is propably one of the worst things they ever done! Lol. P&S was more like Gwen’s third solo or “experimental project”.

    1. tbh from the production standpoint. Spike Stent tends to making the instrument sounds really poppy and electronicish. it’s also happened on some of the song on Rock Steady. that’s also why i don’t like a lot of songs when it first came out too. but i do look past that and it’s actually an awesome album despite the poppish intrument sound.

  10. Half the album is great and half sucks. They struggled to write this album and it shows. I’m happy to hear the writing process is going so easily for her now- art is better when it’s not forced.

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