Videos: "Let's Get Back" Featuring A Fan In Toronto, CAN

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Ha! Mystery solved! Although we really didn’t doubt him — George in fact did have the right lyrics — silly Gwen! Thanks to Salamon for the photo!

Okay, this is Jenny, and I have to say a few words: Wooooooah! And no one deserved it more! It is so awesome so see Gwen doing this for the fans on this tout! He told me about this before! He made a sign with the lyrics of “Let’s Get Back” on the back, and the front saying he would help her with the lyrics. The band refers to him as their “favorite french fan,” and they “remember him.” It’s hilarious to see Gwen call him out on wrong lyrics, which sound a little off in the second part of the verse — sorry George! This was performed right before “Simple Kind Life” in the set.

Watch our buddy George (ndbuddy) sing Let’s Get Back with No Doubt in Toronto, Canada last night. It’s totally hella awesome! Congrats buddy!

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