Tony and Davey Chat with ‘Billboard’ and ‘EW’ Radio

Earlier this afternoon, Tony and Davey Havok chatted with Billboard for a Q&A for Facebook Live about the origins of DREAMCAR and their influences along the way. Close to 500 fans tuned into the live interview that lasted about 20 minutes with Billboard. For those that missed it, you can check out the full video below.

Davey shares that the band didn’t play together until about a year into their formation since they had only been writing and demoing up until that point. DREAMCAR had rented out studio space alongside many other bands which Davey recorded some of his vocals in; he also points out that he sings better at night.

Tony says that they presented Davey with four different ideas of what they had been working on, notably including “Kill For Candy”. Davey shares that the music that the guys had come up he found very inspirational and easy to work with. A little surprisingly, DREAMCAR didn’t select “Kill For Candy” as the fist single, but by those around them. Tony says that the song is a “great representation” of the band’s intentions and sound and that it’s a perfect “first listen” for fans.

Tony also shares that he plans on getting his first tattoo soon, possibly with his girls’ names.

Davey is also asked what his favorite thing about Tony was and had very kind words for him, Tom and Adrian which made us smile from ear to ear.

“[Tony] is one of the kindest, warmest individuals I have ever met, and caring, as are all the members of DREAMCAR. Beyond talent, which is obvious to many people, for you fans of the boys, they are wonderful, wonderful people. Just know that. It’s very rare to meet people who have an equivalent amount of talent and loveliness as you guys. They are wonderful guys.”

Tony and Davey also chatted with Entertainment Weekly radio about their sound and taking influences from California culture and from across the pond. They also elaborated on the creative freedom surrounding the project which hasn’t been prevalent in a really long time.

We’re incredibly proud of the band and their accomplishments so far and cannot wait for them to head out on the road with more new music! And in case you missed it, “Kill For Candy” debuted on the Billboard Alternative Rock chart at #37 this week.

Special thanks to lamb83 for capturing and sharing the interviews for everyone to check out.

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