Video: Fowler Family – "Just A Girl"; Added To NoDoubt.Com

So, here is our video submission to No Doubt with our version of “Just A Girl.” Don’t laugh — it was my first attempt at Windows Movie Maker, and we ran a little short on footage due to me being dumb and dropping my camera in my dog’s water bowl. The video features my two sisters, Katie (as Gwen) and Makenna (as Tony and Tom) in my garage. We uploaded it to, so we’ll see if it shows up on the tour! Eeek, don’t laugh! And the typos on the end are Movie Maker’s fault — they seemed to have cut off the ending letters in the credits, oh well, we tried!

The band finally added our video to the official site! Check us out and rate us, please and thanks!

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  1. youtube denies my reply to watch your video. i’m eurpean (austria) and it isn’t available in my country. ;_; please, please, please do something about it….i really would like to see your creation. ;D

    besides i love your page. <3

  2. Aww, thanks Amanda, but I think you’re talking about my sister, lol!

    And Lena, I uploaded it to, so it should be up there soon for you to see!

    Thanks for all the positive comments, you guys are the best!

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