BSO Is Off To Vegas; We've Landed! Updates!


UPDATE #1: We’ve landed!

Yay! We’re here! From Seattle to Vegas it’s only about two hours, so that was quick! First off, thank you to EVERYONE for the kind wishes and compliments about the flight, how nice! So far, so sightings, except for the Tiger Jam advertisement in the airport as soon as you walk into baggage claim. I literally ran over and took some photos — people must have thought I was insane! Oh well, I’m about to head out and find some more stuff for you guys, and ND is featured in both of the magazines in my hotel room, so I’ll try and transcribe those articles for you guys later — see you!

The time has come! Updates might be slow around here today cause I’m loading up and heading off to Las Vegas this morning! Woo! We will be on “No Doubt Watch 2009” while we are done there, and will give updates with the promo, sights, No Doubt fans, and the show while we are there. I will be updating from Las Vegas till Sunday, then I’m flying to California that same night for Jimmy Kimmel in Hollywood and the show in Fresno next week, which Dave will be meeting up with us as well. BSO will be featuring video updates while I’m on the road, as well as interviews with fans, live updates from the Vegas show, and a bunch of surprises along the way! This trip is going to be memorable for us in more ways then one — and you’re just gonna have to wait to find out why! So — see you in Las Vegas! I can’t wait to post tons of exclusives and visit with some other ND fans!

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  1. Have a fab time – if anyone deserves to be around No Doubt it’s you. You put so much work into this fab site. Hope you have a blast and yes I am totally jealous!!

  2. You can be sooo lucky! I’m absolutely glad for you.

    Hope you have an awesome time!

    Oh, and I love this ad. 😀

  3. Yay! Love the ND ad in the airport. I’m glad your flight went OK! I’m excited for more updates 🙂

  4. love ya jenny!

    can’t wait to see all the updates! absolutely love your site (as you know already!)

    keep in touch!

    ND 2009 baby!!


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