Video: The Beginning of DREAMCAR

With tomorrow’s release of their debut single “Kill For Candy” almost here, DREAMCAR has shared a short and revealing video with the band opening up about the origins of the group and how much fun they’ve had together over the last two-and-a-half years.

Tony opens the clip by saying, “I think for Tom, Adrian and myself, we love playing together so much. There’s something that happens when the three of us play music together that’s really special and that you can’t quantify.” Adrian and Tom continue by saying that the three wanted to work on an experimental project together outside of No Doubt and they didn’t have any expectations besides having fun with one another while making music. They didn’t have a particular vocalist in mind at first and that Tony had suggested that the three meet with Davey Havok, whom the band admired before with him being the lead singer of AFI and Blaqk Audio, whom had opened for the band in 2012. Adrian says that Davey is compelling to watch as a front man.

The three invited Davey out to dinner to discuss the project and Tom says that he was very kind and accepted to join the band since he had extra time. Davey said, “The guys were wonderful, just sitting at the table with them and hearing their thoughts on what they wanted to do, which is essentially just have fun and create music in a very free and open environment. So I told them I’m in.”

Tony admits that DREAMCAR had no ideas on how far the project was going to go but says that it’s been amazing that the fun and exciting vibe has continued throughout the process for everyone.

We can’t express how excited we are for DREAMCAR and are counting down the minutes for “Kill For Candy”, their debut single releasing tomorrow, March 2. This project has been super fun and intriguing to follow and we couldn’t be any more thrilled for Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey. As fans of No Doubt for the past 20 years, it’s always a little interesting at first when projects on this scale are announced outside of the band but we are always 100% supportive and we cannot wait for even more news and new music!

In case you missed it, check out a few teaser clips that the band has released in the past few weeks featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the studio and on-set of recent photoshoots.

Make sure to tune in to KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show tomorrow morning, March 2, at 7:15AM to hear the guys in-studio for an interview as they world premiere their single “Kill For Candy”. The band is also streaming on Facebook Live starting at 7:15AM (see the embedded video below). We’ll have highlights and purchasing information up on the site as soon as the single is available on digital retailers.

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