New DREAMCAR Song Titles Revealed

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Photo courtesy of KROQ

We’re almost a month away till the release of DREAMCAR’s debut album on May 12 and a new article and interview with Tony in the Illinois Entertainer has revealed several new song titles and possible hints at what to hear from them.

The song titles below are listed in no apparent order from what we can tell and they have been described as: “…playful ‘80s Gothic/New Wave riffs and melodies, often recalling the retro-chic brilliance of Bauhaus… The Cure, Human League, Duran Duran and The Thompson Twins.” The article also shares that there is a touch of darkness on the album due to Davey’s influence which is compared to “a little Wayne Hussey/Mission and Andrew Eldritch/Sisters of Mercy thrown onto the shiny coffin like so many dying roses.”

DREAMCAR’s debut album is said to have 12 tracks and presuming that the titles below are from it, we’re close to having the full track list.

  • “All of the Dead Girls”
  • “Kill For Candy”
  • “Slip on the Moon”
  • “Don’t Let Me Love”
  • “The Preferred”
  • “On the Charts”
  • “The Assailant”
  • “Ever Lonely”
  • “Show Me Mercy”
  • “After I Confess”

    Fans will be able to hear some of their new material soon enough during their upcoming club tour kicking off this week in Santa Ana. We’re hoping for an announcement in regards to the album’s pre-order and special editions that may be on the way (including a confirmed vinyl print.) Stay tuned!

  • 6 Replies to “New DREAMCAR Song Titles Revealed”

    1. While I probably won’t love the music, I am so happy for them, and can’t wait to buy and listen!

        1. Haha! That’s fair. 🙂 Dreamcar will be amazing and genius, more so than TIWTTFL, I just think I probably won’t enjoy it (style-wise) as much as TIWTTFL and other Gwen in general. There are a few really genius songs on Truth, but Misery kinda takes away from that. Musically, Kill for Candy is spectacular, just not entirely my personal style. Great music all around though.

      1. They are not technically spoilers, but Tom had alluded to fans being forewarned about seeing the titles so I tried to respect that.

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