Happy Anniversary Return Of Saturn!


Everyone at BSO wants to wish a happy anniversary to No Doubt’s 4th studio released album, Return of Saturn! The album was released nine years ago today, and spawned three hit singles: “Ex-Girlfriend,” “Simple Kind of Life,” and “Bathwater” (“New is also featured on the album but was released previously.) The album will always be special to us cause when we first started BSO the hype for ROS was starting. The following was taken from Wikipedia’s page on the album.

Upon release, Return of Saturn received mixed reviews from music critics. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 but was unable to measure up to the sales of Tragic Kingdom. The album produced four singles, only one of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100. At the 43rd Grammy Awards, Return of Saturn was nominated for Best Rock Album.

The album’s working title was originally announced as Magic’s in the Makeup in May 1998 and later as Saturn Returns in November 1999. Lead singer Gwen Stefani was confused by her feelings of depression and interest in Sylvia Plath while recording the album. Her boyfriend Gavin Rossdale told her that she was going through her Saturn return. Saturn’s orbit takes 29.4 Earth years and, in astrology, the time when Saturn returns to its position during a person’s birth is believed to be a period of self-evaluation. Stefani was born October 3, 1969, and many of the songs were written during her Saturn return.

The music of Return of Saturn further explores the No Doubt’s New Wave influences, while adding an alternative rock feel and maintaining some of the band’s ska and reggae sounds. Adrian Young’s drum part on “Simple Kind of Life” was mixed through low fidelity filters to give it the sound of a lo-fi power ballad. “Marry Me” is a reggae-influenced song featuring a staccato bassline and a horn part. “Six Feet Under” and “Staring Problem” were described as a more self-aware return to the band’s earlier material, a combination of work by New Wave band Missing Persons and hard rock band Van Halen.

What’s your favorite song off of Return of Saturn?

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  1. I think my favorite ROS song would be Home Now… I love it. But it’s hard to decide, since this is my favorite album… I also love Marry Me, and Artical Sweetenger, oh, and Comforting Lie. It actually depends on the mood I’m in. But on the surface, it’s probably Home Now. And yeah, happy anniversary to this great album!

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