Happy 10 Year Anniversary To BSO!

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Wow! Today Beacon Street Online celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, launching February 1, 1999. We have been obviously seen many transitions, layouts, and servers, but we are proud to still be going strong today. A little history about us: In 7th grade actually, we originally started out on (ready old schoolers?) gURLpages with our first attempt, *Bathwater* The Return of No Doubt, this was right around when the hype of Return of Saturn (which we didn’t know at the time it was being called that) started. We all had the purple/pink star background and featured Gwen with her pink hair everywhere. When gURLpages was starting to go under, Geocities was the hottest thing. We then moved everything over, and of course changed our name, the infamous A Likely Story. With our friends In With The Breeze, Blue In The Face, No Doubt Universe, Gwen Festish, and Greener Pastures to name a few, our reputation started to grow as being the best for the latest news. We moved over to our first domain, Trulyobsessed.com, in 2002, we started collecting lyrics for every song that we could and ended up being the best archive, with over 300 titles to date, which led to the short lived Dontspeak.net.

With the closing of Trulyobsessed.com after 6 years, we teamed up with Comforting Lie creator and friend Dave, and wound up with Doghouse Gallery, which was just going to be a collaborative effort for a new photo gallery. BSO then decided to move full-time to the new server with a new format and re-launch. We are now one of the longest/still active fansites for the band and are still dedicated to bringing the fans the latest. We have seen the band grow and expand so much over the year, and have taken in everything they’ve done with open arms. 2009 is going to be an exciting years for all of us, the band, and a new beginning. No Doubt is opening a new chapter for everyone, and keeps inspiring us everyday.

Last but not least, we want to thank all our fans and visitors over the years, running this fansite has always brought me joy and has allowed me to express myself and my love for the band. Without support from you guys, this site would have gone under a long, long time ago. And thank you to No Doubt for continuing to…well, being the best band in the world and the best role models that any girl from Seattle could hope for! Can’t wait to see you all in 2009! – Jenny

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  1. A very,very Happy 10th Anniversary to BSO!! Much thanks to you,Jenny,for all of your dedication keeping this site running,we fans are truly appreciative!

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