‘DREAMCAR’ Available Now!

It’s here! The self-titled debut album from DREAMCAR is available now worldwide to purchase and stream.

DREAMCAR is the debut album from DREAMCAR, featuring Tom, Tony, Adrian and singer Davey Havok, released under Columbia Records. The album is fresh and features melodies that we were instantly drawn to from our favorite musicians. Their new-wave, rock-pop sound is strong and harkens back to some of the best music to come out of the 1980s that was influenced by bands that they all grew up admiring. Lead single “Kill For Candy” has been generating positive buzz since it’s release in March and has been a staple on the Billboard Alternative Rock charts for quite some time.

Favorite live standouts including “Born to Lie”, “The Preferred” and “Do Nothing” are even better on the album and all of the tracks have just enough of a nostalgic sound that make us wanting more.

The album is truly fantastic and we’re incredibly proud of the band, especially Tom, Tony and Adrian, and thankful to them for sharing their project with us. It’s inspiring and exciting seeing them still working closely together on music and DREAMCAR is a perfect outlet. Davey Havok is an incredible frontman and we’re excited to hear their chemistry exceed expectations. DREAMCAR worked closely with producer Tim Pagnotta on the album.

Stay tuned to the site throughout the week where we’ll have even more content on DREAMCAR‘s release including an in-depth review of the album. On behalf of the band and site, I would also like to send our thanks and gratitude to all fans that have helped spread the word about DREAMCAR and here’s to big success for the band!

Ways to Purchase and Stream DREAMCAR

Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR/Columbia Records

iTunes (Apple Music) / Amazon (Vinyl) / Google Play / Spotify / Target

Newbury Comics (with autographed CD booklet)

Tracklist and Lyrics

1. After I Confessed
2. Kill For Candy
3. Born to Lie
4. On the Charts
5. All of the Dead Girls
6. Every Lonely
7. The Assailant
8. The Preferred
9. Slip On the Moon
10. Don’t Let Me Love
11. Do Nothing
12. Show Me Mercy

If you haven’t picked up the album yet, you can check out a few of the tracks shared by the band including easy favorites “On the Charts” and “All of the Dead Girls” above as well as a new feature on DREAMCAR and producer Tim Pagnotta.

Make sure to also vote in our poll telling us which track is your favorite from DREAMCAR!

3 Replies to “‘DREAMCAR’ Available Now!”

  1. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this album. For me, it turned out much better than expected. So happy for the guys!

  2. Based on the recent interviews of the guys, I guess we shouldn’t expect anything from No Doubt in the future 🙁
    I’ve tried to like Dreamcar sound but just like any of Gwen’s solo work, it’s really not my cup of tea. Something is missing.
    So sad for the unspoken but yet very palpable animosity between the boys and Gwen. Wish I was born 15y earlier so I would have had a chance to enjoy No Doubt live and not just the records…

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