Below we’ve put together a list of releases and events (including birthdays and anniversaries) for No Doubt. You may either choose by month by clicking on the calendar (featuring current notable dates) or by looking over the table which lists yearly events by month and date.

Please let us know if we’re missing something and we’ll make sure to add it to the list!



January 11 – Tom Dumont’s birthday
January 16 – Adrian and Nina Young’s anniversary (2000)
January 24 – Coco Kanal’s birthday[/table]


February 9 – Mason Young’s birthday
February 19 – Koa Dumont’s birthday
February 28 – Apollo Rossdale’s birthday


March 14 – No Doubt’s first live show anniversary
March 17No Doubt release (1992)
March 18This Is What the Truth Feels Like release (2016)
March 25The Beacon Street Collection release (1995)[/table]


April 6 – Ace Dumont’s birthday
April 14Return of Saturn release (2000)


May 18 – Pangea McNair’s birthday
May 26 – Kingston Rossdale’s birthday


June 10 – Magnolia Young’s birthday
June 17 – Eric Stefani’s birthday
June 18 – Rio Dumont’s birthday




August 21 – Zuma Rossdale’s birthday
August 23 – Stephen Bradley’s birthday
August 25 – Isis McNair’s birthday
August 26 – Adrian Young’s birthday
August 27 – Tony Kanal’s birthday


September 8 – Gabrial McNair’s birthday
September 25Push and Shove release (2012)[/table]


October 3 – Gwen Stefani’s birthday
October 9 – Tom and Mieke Dumont’s anniversary
October 10Tragic Kingdom release (1995)
October 21The Beacon Street Collection re-release (1997)[/table]


November 23Love.Angel.Music.Baby. release (2004)
November 22 – Saffron Kanal’s birthday
November 25The Singles 1992-2003 / Boom Box / Rock Steady Live release (2003)
November 30 – Tony and Erin Kanal’s anniversary


December 5The Sweet Escape release (2006)
December 12Rock Steady release (2001)