FAQs About Digital Download Code Send Out

So, a lot of fans have been e-mailing me asking why they haven’t received their digital download link yet. It can be answered very easily: If you bought tickets through the No Doubt Tour Club, you should have received the code on Tuesday. If you still cannot see it, and you did order through the Tour Club, check your spam/junk folder — it’s a good chance it got in there. You will get one code per ticket you bought. So, if it shows up with more than one in an email, you bought more than one ticket to that particular show. If you ordered outside of the Tour Club (either through Livenation or Ticketmaster), they have not sent them out yet to you guys, and honestly, we do not know when they will. My guess is you will receive them 30 days prior to your show, like it was originally told to us. And just a reminder — this only applies to you if you bought premium seats (a.k.a. anything over $70) for the tour. Lawn and mixed seats do not get you the digital download.

When you do receive the download, click on the link provided and it will pop open a brand new window thanking you for your purchase and what not. Click on the orange link at the top that says it contains HQ mp3s and that will start your download. The link will only work once I believe, so make sure you have the time to do it. After if it is finished, click on the folder (which you will have to un-zip with either Winzip or Windows Vista will do it for you) and they will then show up in a folder as mp3s.

If you would like to import them into your iTunes, all you will have to do is simply drag and drop into your library. If you have any more questions, comment on the update and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability. 🙂

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