Check out photos and information on various displays and exhibtions that have featured No Doubt related items over the years. If you would like to contribute, please email Jenny!

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[table]Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto
Featured: A ginormous caricature of Gwen was featured on an amusement ride at the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex). (Photo courtesy of Geo 2013)[/table]

[table]The Durham Museum, Omaha
Featured: One of Gwen’s jackets worn No Doubt’s Singles tour in 2004 was included in the ‘Women Who Rock’ exhibit that toured the country starting in 2012. (Photos courtesy of Megan 2013)[/table]

[table]Hard Rock Hotel, Albuquerque
Featured: No Doubt’s iconic tour wear featuring on the Tragic Kingdom tour. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Trujillo)[/table]

[table]Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood
Featured: Gwen’s nightgown worn in the “Wind It Up” music video was on display in the cafe. Steve Bradley’s trumpet was also on display. (Photos courtesy of Hannah 2013)[/table]

[table]Hard Rock Cafe, Punta Cana
Featured: A live photo of Gwen taken from her 2007 performance of “The Sweet Escape” on American Idol. (Photo courtesy of Samantha 2013)[/table]

[table]Hard Rock Cafe, Tampa
Featured: One of Gwen’s iconic outfits worn during the Tragic Kingdom tour in 1997. (Photos courtesy of Robin March 2014)[/table]

[table]Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Featured: Gwen’s Tragic Kingdom tour outfit (featured in Live in the Tragic Kingdom) was on display as you walk through the main casino entrance. Gwen’s leopard dress worn in the “Sunday Morning” music video was on display in one of the hotel’s gift shops. (Taken by Jenny in 2008)[/table]

[table]Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas
Featured: Gwen’s own wax figure has been on display since 2010 and features her likeness taken from No Doubt’s 2009 tour mixed with different styles over the years. Has only been on display in New York. (Taken by Jenny in 2011)[/table]

[table]Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland
Featured: Gwen’s neon name signed featured in Moby’s “South Side” video (Photo courtesy of Megan 2007)[/table]

[table]Santa Ana Courthouse, Santa Ana
Featured: Gwen’s birth certificate is currently on display (Photos courtesy of Kristie 2013)
Address: 909 N Main St. Santa Ana California 92701[/table]

[table]Slidebar Cafe, Fullerton
Featured: Many No Doubt items are featured in this landmark bar and cafe in Fullerton. We recommend checking this cafe out if you are in the area. (Taken by Jenny in 2009)
Address: 122 E Commonwealth Ave Fullerton CA 92832[/table]

[table]V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), London
Featured: Gwen and Gavin’s wedding attire. Gwen’s gorgeous custom Dior (John Galliano) wedding dress had made its way around the world including the V&A Museum in London. (Photo courtesy of V&A)
Address: Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL[/table]