Released: 1994
Format: Vinyl (Very limited)
Label: Beacon Street Singles No. 1



  1. Squeal (E. Stefani) (2:38)
  2. My Room Is Still Clean (T. Kanal) (Live from the Icehouse, Fullerton, California 2/13/1993)

Additional Information:  This very rare and limited single was released only as a seven-inch vinyl single and distributed under the band’s own independent label, Beacon Street Records, in 1994.

In 1994, before recording of The Beacon Street Collection had even begun, No Doubt released two seven-inch singles for their fans. The first was “Squeal”, a song written by Eric Stefani, detailing a criminal’s reaction to her partner’s betrayal to the police. They had agreed to be “in this together” but, after he “squeals”, she resolves to “kill the narc who wrote it and said it [that she was guilty of a crime]”.

The single’s B-side was “My Room Is Still Clean”, written by Tony and recorded live at the Icehouse in Fullerton, California on February 13, 1993. This track is only available on the “Squeal” single.