Excuse Me Mr.
Released: 6/1997
Formats: CD single
Labels: Interscope (Trauma)


Tracklist: Japanese Import: “Excuse Me Mr. / Sunday Morning” double A-side

  1. Excuse Me Mr. (G. Stefani, T. Dumont) (3:06) (Album version)
  2. Sunday Morning (T. Kanal, G. Stefani, E. Stefani) (4:33) (Radio edit)
  3. Just A Girl (G. Stefani, T. Dumont) (Live from the Astoria In London, UK 2/18/1997)
  4. Don’t Speak (E. Stefani, G. Stefani) (Live from the Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany 2/22/1997)

Additional Information: Not released domestically. This single from Japan is similar to the Australian Sunday Morning single, and was released at the same time. The single is considered a double A-side single, featuring “Excuse Me Mr.” as well as “Sunday Morning”. Even though “Excuse Me Mr.” is the first track, the cover labels the single as being called “Sunday Morning”. The booklet contains the lyrics of the two songs in English and in Japanese. The two live version are the same as the ones found on the German Just a Girl single.