Released: 1994
Format: Vinyl (Very limited)
Label: Beacon Street Singles No. 2



  1. Doghouse (E. Stefani) (4:27)
  2. You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks (E. Stefani)

Additional Information: The second single from The Beacon Street Collection, “Doghouse”, was also released in 1994 on a seven-inch vinyl under the band’s independent label, Beacon Street Records. “Doghouse”, also written by Eric Stefani, was put out before the album’s release.

It is about a man who is bullied and dominated by his girlfriend and is unwilling to force the situation to change. The song uses the metaphor of a dog and its master to illustrate the nature of the relationship, saying that she had got him “by the reins” and he has been “conditioned” by her. The single’s B-side was “You Can’t Teach an Ol’ Dog New Tricks”, written by Eric.

“You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks” appears on this vinyl single only.